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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Pop Culture-y Things For Which Teebore is Thankful

Dynamo 5 and Noble Causes: the two best super hero comics that nobody reads.

DVR: all the convenience of recording shows without the thinks-for-itself self-programming (and the inherent fear of death by robot uprising therein) of Tivo.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
: Speaking of robot uprisings, I'm behind a few episodes, but so far, this show has really stepped it up a notch in the second season, with some interesting new plot developments and clever writing and directing. (John's still too much of a whiner, though...)

Pizza Hut's breadsticks

The episode of Saved by the Bell in which the gang decides it's better to have Zack drive drunk than to let Screech drive. Hilarity ensues.

The 25th Anniversary GI Joe figures: now into its 26th anniversary year, Hasbro just keeps pumping these gems out. And now they're making exact replicas of all the vehicles I never had as a kid, like the Cobra Rattler and the GI Joe SHARC.

Old Godzilla movies


Christopher Walken in Batman Returns

That time Gentlemen of Leisure VP Hulk pretended to be a robot in a clown suit whilst juggling circus animals


  1. What a gloriously random list!

    What's the story behind DYNAMO 5 and NOBLE CAUSES? I've never heard of either.

  2. Noble Causes basically takes the marriage between super heroes and soap operas to the extreme. The main characters are the Nobles, a Fantastic Four-ish family of celebrity adventurers/super heroes. It's told mainly from the point of view of a normal woman who marries into the family.

    Dynamo 5 is the story of five teenagers who find out they are the illegitimate children of Captain Dynamo, a Superman-esque hero who has a penchant for sleeping around. After he dies, his Lois Lane-esque widow finds his five children, each of whom inherited one of Captain Dynamo's powers (strength, flight, telepathy, shapeshifting and various visions (heat, etc)) and activates their power so they can defend Captain Dynamo's Metropolis in his absence.

    Both are written by Jay Faerber, who had a brief stint at Marvel and DC earlier in the decade, and are published by Image. He's basically creating his own little Superhero universe with these books and a few miniseries (Captain Dynamo, for example, first appeared offhandedly in an issue of Noble Causes) where he plays around with the traditional superhero tropes and archetypes.

    Noble Causes has one b&w archive book (a la the Essentials/Showcase books) with another one coming soon and Dynamo 5 has two trades collecting the first 12 issues or so.

  3. both those comics sounds awesome.



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