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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cooties ! ! !

Some may have thought it an urban myth. Stories were told and conspiracies spread in order to keep us from them. Now, through the miracle of SCIENCE, the myth has been broken into fact!


Many of us have found a foible in the feisty feminine sex. It seems like so many of them are simply here to do us wrong.

Gentlemen – I urge you to take this study to heart. If you absolutely must spend time with a female, please practice precaution.


  1. I love how in the article, when asked the obvious setup question of whether or not guys should worry about holding hands with women, the scientician's response is "well, I guess it depends on which girl."

    I'm now picturing this crazed scientist carrying around a microscope, refusing even the humblest human contact with a female until he counts her bacteria.

    And I like how the researchers stress the importance of pointing out how washing hands doesn't seem to eliminate bacteria at all.

    Also, I never did trust that Supergirl. How dare she betray Superman like that?!?

  2. I don't think that the existence of cooties is a real shock to any of us. Our senses when we are young are more attuned to detecting them apparently though.

    I think the real question here is...What the hell is that in the last picture?!?!?! It looks like some naked guy hanging in a giant condom that is filled with a liquid of some sort. More importantly though is how did you find it?

  3. Strange things pop up when you google "Full body condom", my friend.

  4. I knew washing my hands was pointless!


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