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Thursday, October 23, 2008

America in Crisis!

During these troubled times, can Americans afford to be led by a man like Cyclops?

A man whose own mentor and teacher has called him an "ungrateful, unspeakable cur?"

A man who "accidentally" injured his own friend?

Cyclops has even attacked his own brother!

How can Cyclops protect America when he couldn't even protect the woman he loves?

And he hates the environment!

Worst of all...Cyclops plans to raise taxes!!!!!!!

America can't afford the vision of Cyclops.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Doctor Strange.
I'm Doctor Stephen Strange and the almighty Vishanti have bestowed upon me the power to approve this message.


  1. Well played, Dr. Bitz, well played...

  2. I would like to see less negative campaigning from Dr. Strange and more focus on his stance and the "issues".


  3. Cyclops better try and show he's a man and fight back. Take the gloves (and the visor)off, slim!

  4. Sadly, Sarah you're not likely to see Dr. Strange talk much about the "issues" because Dr. Strange knows he doesn't stand a chance on the issues. Instead he has to distract the American people with slander and out-of-context squid-blasting pictures.

  5. Teebore, did or did not Cyclops mercilessly blast a giant squid to smithereens?

  6. Dr. Bitz, did or did not that squid first attack Cyclops and his wife, without provocation or warning, thus forcing Cyclops to blast it in self defense?

    Would you truly argue a person doesn't have a right to defend him or herself from unwarranted attacks by homicidal squids?

  7. Teebore, you always compliment Cyclops on his sharp mind in times of crisis.
    Is not true that, if Cyclops didn't hate the environment, he could have blasted the squid with a beam strong enough to temporarily disable it but not so strong that it was completely obliterated?
    Obviously he took some sick pleasure in destroying the squid. Animal abuse is a warning sign for future psychotic behavior.


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