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Monday, October 6, 2008

MLB Headlines Final

Well, I suppose I should wrap this headline stuff up and tie it with a bow. Here's how the standings ended up:

Teebore: 7 Wins - 4 Ties
boots~: 2.5 1 Win - 3 Ties
Dr. Bitz: 11 Wins - 5 Ties

Luckily there were no 3-way ties to further complicate things. But that makes me the pun master.
I'd expound on the Twins but you people would just call me too negative. Let's just say I don't view the season as a success.
But let's talk a bit about the post season. It's interesting to me that no one has ever really challenged the validity of playoffs. In fact I never really have. And I know it sounds odd, but aren't playoffs a bit fraudulent?
When you think about it, the team that makes it through the playoffs and wins the World Series (or whatever championship you choose) and are declared the best team.
But really, it just means they won 11 games within, at most, a 19 game span. What's a better indicator of whose the better team? The team that wins the most games within a 19 game span or a team that wins the most games within a 162 game span. Statistics will tell you that the larger the sample size the more valid the analysis.
So really, perhaps the team with the best regular season record is a better team and more of a champion than the one that wins the World Series.
But there's no excitement with regular season champions and trust me, if the Twins have the best regular season record but go out in the Divisional Series...I won't be declaring them champions. I guarantee that Cubs fans don't feel like champions. And this is all not taking into account that the National League doesn't play the American League very much in regular season play.
And with that, MLB Headlines have come to a slow, merciful end. I suppose I have to come up with original and entertaining posts now....maybe I should write about 'hot guys' or something...

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  1. Truly you have mastered the highest form of comedy. I salute you.

    The other thing to consider regarding skewed data in addition to the NL and AL not playing each other very often is the greater number of games teams play within their division.

    Even that out, so that all teams played the same opponents in the same number of games, and the team on top could easily be considered the best. At that point, you could have the AL best and NL best play each other in the World Series or something, they way it used to be.

    But then, who's going to account for all that playoff-generated revenue the teams would be missing out on?

    PS Eat it, Chicago. Both of you.


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