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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick Hits By Dr. Bitz

Apparently there are other people on this blog that like to post when I want to post. Considering I'm the greatest poster on this blog (nicknamed Dr. Bitz) I find this appalling. Anyway, I have some stuff back logged in my hopper so here are a few things.

Evil Republicans: Shockingly, some Republicans are evil. (I suppose some Democrats are too, but I'm not going to get a career in Hollywood talking like that!)
Well, maybe evil is a strong term, but check out the you tube video on the side bar and decide for yourself. It's a bit grainy and it's long (13 minutes) but I think it's important to watch. It's important to understand how the justice system can be perverted and twisted for political reasons. I just wish I could do something about it.
Ironically, a "power failure" caused JUST this 15 minutes of 60 Minutes to not air on the CBS affiliate in southern Alabama...whose owner happens to be a major contributor to the Republican party.

Just Another Form of Child Abuse: Check out this article.
I hate when parents do something like this. It's self serving and is pretty much a form of child abuse. The kid named Brett will be fine, but the kid named Favre is screwed. He's going to go through a childhood of being teased and having his name mispronounced by non-football fans. I don't mind when parents think a little outside the box in naming their kids. But when a parent goes too far to name their kid after something they're passionate about that quite obviously is not intended to be a person's first name, it's just....lame.
What if the kid grows up not rooting for the Packers, or not liking football at all? In fact, my prediction is the kid will grow up to hate the Packers simply because of the hell his name has made his life. A name like that just pigeon holes a kid into something they may or may not want to be. And that's just wrong.

Send Out the Clowns: If you were walking down a dark alley at night and saw something walking towards you, which would freak you out more? If the person walking towards you was a tattooed thug wearing gang colors and a scowl on his face or a clown? I think the answer to that question is too obvious to require elaboration (c. Paul Harvey).
So I see this article and wonder, why the hell do clowns exist anyway? Who enjoys these freakish monstrosities to begin with?
To be honest, I never disliked clowns THAT much. But they're certainly creepy enough that doing away with them completely might just make the world a better place.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go into hiding before the Cirque du Soleil crew use their acrobatic athleticism to back flip me into an early grave!

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