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Sunday, March 2, 2008

As Powerful as a Small Pony . . .

Anyone who wears contacts or glasses knows what it feels like to walk around the house without them on. You have a pretty good idea of where everything is but until you look through the lenses it all remains a blur.

NO END IN SIGHT is the documentary equivalent of putting on your glasses.

The media and politic party spin have all bombarded us with their interpretation of how the Iraq war was and is being run. This film goes beyond propaganda detailing the actions and decisions of the people in charge of post-invasion Iraq from their own mouths, not some braggart and blowhard named Michael Moore who thinks he knows everything about everything and is unequivocally correct.

Everyone knows the Iraq War was a mess. As the Democrats and Republicans jockey for votes we tend to hear two different promises. The Donkeys want to pull out. The Elephants want to finish the job. Both views are narrow minded and potentially catastrophic.

I urge everyone to watch NO END IN SIGHT post haste. No matter how you stand you cannot ignore the facts laid out before you in this film.

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