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Friday, February 29, 2008

One Sentence Reviews: Oscars Edition

The Oscars: Witness one of the biggest tragedies in Oscar history: the crafters of giant, alien, transforming robots lose to people who made a polar bear talk and the people who translated those cool transforming noises from the cartoon lost to the people who made Matt Damon punch sounds.

No Country For Old Men: A magnificent film that is completely sold up the river by too many of its mishandled, incomprehensible endings.

Juno: Genuinely funny, surprising and heartwarming (without being sappy or clich├ęd), this was my favorite of the best picture nominees.

Atonement: A beautiful film that would have won best picture in 1996.

Michael Clayton: Phenomenal performances and tight direction helped elevate this far above its genre.

There Will Be Blood: Interesting, and weird in a totally unexpected way.

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