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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

X-aminations in August 2015

It turns out that I'll be traveling a fair amount this month (for both work and fun), more than I was expecting, leading to a schedule of posts that's a little bit wonkier and shorter than usual (this is also why I'm only reviewing the Alpha Flight story this week), and one which already deviates from the schedule I laid out next month.

But we will cover the pure debut of Jim Lee on X-Men, as well as the return of Rogue, as we look at the final issues before "X-Tinction Agenda" begins. 

On Sale July 1990
August 5th: Uncanny X-Men #268
August 6th: Excalibur #27
August 7th: Wolverine #30

August 12th: Excalibur #28
August 13th: Wolverine #31

August 19th: X-Factor - Prisoner of Love

On Sale August 1990

August 26th: Uncanny X-Men #269
August 27th: New Mutants #94
August 28th: X-Factor #59


  1. Enjoy your travels -- maybe this will allow me to catch up! I've fallen too far behind on my reading, much less commenting, here.

  2. @Matt: Trust me, I know how it goes. There's still a ton of stuff on your site I need to read.


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