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Friday, December 19, 2008

Working the Poll

Well, according to the majority, Marty McFly is the most likely candidate to have to go back in time and a kill a person to prevent a future apocalypse. I think you're all missing the boat Barack Obama, but that's just one man's opinion.
I bet Barack would do his killing with a silent stoicism that portrays the gravity and necessity of the situation instead of a scene playing out like this:

Marty: "Geeze, Doc, I can't believe I just killed a guy!"
Doc: "Great Scott, Marty! What you've done is unforgivable. But I suppose you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Unless it's with my new invention! The auto-omlettifyer! But to make it work, you need high grade nitro-glycerin.
Marty: "Geeze, Doc, we better find that nitro-glycerin. I'm craving some omelettes. But first, let's pour some manure on this dead guy!"
Doc: "F*$% YEAH!!!!"

Anyway, it's time for a new poll, and I think this picture speaks for itself:

In case your wondering, Mrs. Dr. Bitz FORCES me to watch Top Chef. It ain't voluntary. But that picture is all I can think of when I watch it...

Voting to your left!


  1. I don't watch Top Chef regularly, but I love watching Carla's "interviews". I think it's because I'm a little terrified of her. I feel like at any moment her friendly smile could turn into maniacal laughter, and she'd kill the nearest opponent with her bare hands.

  2. Plus they both have the crazy eyes.

    ...she'd kill the nearest opponent with her bare hands.

    I too worry for the day they cut to an interview with her, and she casually waves her hands just enough that we notice a red substance on them.

    Of course, we would naturally assume the interview was filmed after Carla finished creating some fillets, or rolling some meatballs...but there'd be a part of us wondering why no one was talking about the fact that a cheftestant was missing that week...

  3. This all interesting because Tony Dungy is actually considered one of the nicest guys in football.
    In fact, before he coached a team to the superbowl, he was criticized for being too nice and not 'firing up his players' enough.
    Perhaps Carla is his alter-ego that he uses to let loose his homicidal rage?

  4. Yeah, I know Tony Dungy is a nice guy. Doesn't mean he can't still have crazy eyes.


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