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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

X-aminations in August

In August, we welcome a third title to our survey of the X-Men franchise, as we finally reach the launch of the X-Men spinoff X-Factor in an otherwise straightforward month. No annuals, no specials; just four straight weeks of Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants and X-Factor fun.

(Incidentally, I'll discuss the final two issues of Secret Wars II in contemporaneous X-Men or New Mutants posts, as I don't think the events of those issues have enough bearing on the X-Men narrative to warrant their own post).

August 7th: Uncanny X-Men #202
August 8th:  New Mutants #37
August 9th: X-Factor #1

August 14th: Uncanny X-Men #203
August 15th: New Mutants #38
August  16th: X-Factor #2

August 21st: Uncanny X-Men #204
August 22nd: New Mutants #39
August 23rd: X-Factor #3

August 28th : Uncanny X-Men #205
August 29th: New Mutants #40
August 30th: X-Factor #4


  1. Finally! X-Factor is here! I have so much ranting to do about how awful it is before it gets good. :-)

    Are you planning on covering Wolverine's ongoing series when that debuts 24 or so issues from now?

  2. Three reviews a're insane.

  3. @Michael: Are you planning on covering Wolverine's ongoing series when that debuts 24 or so issues from now?

    In some capacity, yes, though I'm not sure yet exactly how. The Claremont-penned issues will likely get their own posts in the usual format, but after that, I might group them together in story arcs or something similarly off model. We'll see.

    (The thinking here being A. I haven't actually read any pre-90s Wolverine and Excalibur before, so I feel more comfortable tackling them in a slightly different format, at least beyond Claremont's issues and B. I haven't reached it yet, but five reviews a week might just be my breaking point, at which time I'll need a less time consuming format in order to include some of the more ancillary spinoffs.)

    @Dr. Bitz: Three reviews a're insane.

    Insane like a fox! Or something.

    We'll see how it goes. We're edging ever closer to a point where the issues gradually become less dense, just as a result of the industry changing in that way, thus making it less time consuming to cover a single issue, and I'm clinging to that as the life raft to my expansion plans.


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