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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The ABCs of Awesome

I cribbed this meme from Michael May's Adventureblog.

A is for Atomic Monsters

B is for Bald Captains

C is for Cyclops

D is for Defender of the Universe

E is for Eternia

F is for Flux Capcitor

G is for Great White Sharks

H is for Holmes

I is for Indiana Jones

J is for Jeard

K is for King

L is for Lightsabers

M is for Monkeys

N is for Ninjas

O is for Optimus Prime

P is for Puns

Q is for Quotes


R is for Robots

S is for Superdickery


T is for Tacos

U is for Universal Studios Monsters

V is for Venture Bros

W is for Wards That Are Junkies

X is for X-Men

Y is for Yoda

Z is for Zoidberg Jesus


  1. I can't believe I used to think Superman was only mildly full of himself. Superdickery, indeed.

  2. Kate: yeah, I never cease being amazed at the heights of Silver Age Superman's dickery.

    boots~, Jeard is short for Jack's Beard, an enormous, hideous growth of hair sported by Jack on Lost which signifies the character has hit rock bottom and is at his lowest point (while sporting the Jeard, Jack, amongst other things, tried to kill himself, was doped up on prescription drugs, and spent his weekends on passenger airplanes hoping to crash on the island again).

    The Jeard is also awesome.

  3. Jears ;_;

    My first crush was on cartoon batman. You know, the cartoon from the late 80's - early 90's?

    Yeah. I was sweatin' that cartoon sumbitch hard.

  4. Have I said that before on here? Ha! I think I am going to finally get around to throwing out them aluminum pots.

    Wait, why'd I walk in here again?

  5. Joan: Jears almost made the list, but I just love the Jeard more.

    I don't know if it was technically my first crush, but I always had a thing for Scarlett from GI Joe and Princess Aurora from Voltron when I was a kid.

    I blame the former for my lifelong infatuation with redheads.

  6. Superdickery FTW!
    I thought Jeard meant 'jaw beard', kind of like how Neard is 'neck beard'. But i like Jack's Beard better.

    I also really liked L, N, V, and X


  7. Jeard probably does mean "Jaw Beard" in the "real" world. But in the Lost world, it's Jack's Beard.

    Plus, Jack's beard shatters the boundaries of his jaw. I'm fairly certain he had beard coming out of his eyes at one point.

  8. holy shit this was an awesome post. I think i might steal it, though i will have to give it a bit of time so i'm not influenced by your answers (though N will probably still be Ninjas, amiright?)
    I'll give you a hat tip if i do.

  9. Steal away! It is technically a meme, after all.

    I actually read the post that inspired this one about a month ago, and have been sitting on it since then, tweaking it, to make sure my answers weren't too influenced by the other ones.

    Ninjas was a popular N, regardless. ;)

  10. Ninjas are always awesome. Though my favorite has to be Zoidberg Jesus.
    I also love Bald Captains...or one bald captain.
    Sharks are wonderfully terrifying.
    I've been wanting to be Holmes since I was wee.
    Although D for me would definitely be either donuts or boobs...hmmm.

  11. Wait - you watch the VENTURE BROS?!?!? How come you've never mentioned that on the blog?

  12. It gets mentioned from time to time. Most recently, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch was one of the pop culture-y things for which I was thankful last Thanksgiving.

    I've thought about doing episode reviews of it, but I'm afraid I'd have little to say besides "such and such is effin' hilarious".


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