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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Few Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais performed about as I expected. I particularly enjoyed that he had no shame in keeping a beer in the podium. His biggest "wow, he went there" moment of the night? "I like a drink as much as the next guy… unless the next guy is Mel Gibson. Ladies and gentlemen, Mel Gibson."

Two actors were nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in a TV show that I would have liked to see win (Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Emerson) and, of course, neither do, losing to John Lithgow for Dexter (another one of those shows I've never watched despite everyone saying how awesome it is). But at least Lithgow gave a nice speech. And Jeremy Piven didn't win.

Juliana Marguiles, accepting a Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama, humorously zinged NBC when she thanked CBS for believing in the ten PM drama.

One of the writers of the song from Crazy Heart (which won Best Song) is named Ryan Bingham. That is also the name of George Clooney's character in Up in the Air. What a random coincidence.

Why does Drew Barrymore have a hedgehog on her shoulder?

Holy crap, Glee beat 30 Rock. Mrs. Teebore and I finally starting watching 30 Rock this season after getting sick of watching it win award after award and not experiencing it ourselves. We enjoy it, but also enjoyed seeing Glee (both because we like Glee, and because it was nice to see something dethrone 30 Rock for a change). Ryan Murphy, accepting the award, dedicated it to ''anybody and everybody who got a wedgie in high school.''

Robert Downey Jr.'s speech was hilariously awesome. 

The Hangover won the globe for Best Comedy or Musical Motion Picture. Could an Oscar nomination be in its future? Ordinarily, I wouldn't think so, but with ten spots up for grabs now and this win, it's looking like a possibility.

James Cameron's and Avatar's wins weren't very surprising, as the film is playing very well abroad and was a favorite to win the awards given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press. In terms of the Oscar Watch, Up in the Air received it's expected screenplay award at the Globes, while Hurt Locker received a critics award Friday night, further cementing its place as a Best Picture contender and widening the perceived Avatar/Up in the Air battle.


  1. I'm so glad you watch this stuff and then fill me in.
    It makes things nice and easy for me ;-)

  2. For the first time ever I watched almost the whole show.

    Monique's speech was truly emotional and sincere. I didn't know anything about PRECIOUS but will try to see it soon after seeing the clips and storyline.

    Robert Downey's was frickin awesome and made me appreciate him even more (I think he's knocked Heath Ledger out of my top five GIGGF).

    Is it just my bias against him and AVATAR or does James Cameron seem like a complete douche?

  3. Oh, yeah, I liked Avatar; that doesn't mean Cameron isn't a douche. When he spoke to his cast in Na'vi, I even muttered "what a douche." He came off as incredibly pretentious in both his speeches.

    Then again, what can we expect from the self-proclaimed "King of the World"?

    Let me know if you see Precious. It sounds so soul-crushingly depressing that I'm reluctant and a little scared to see it, despite the nothing-but-rave reviews I've heard.

  4. I've read the book, Push, which the movie "Precious" is based is certifiably depressing and uplifting at the same time. Although, there were things in it that I think I would've been much happier never knowing, thinking or imagining.

    I am also glad you watch this stuff because I've given up on award shows, they're terribly disappointing and just long. And I would much rather watch Lost...which is what I was doing. :)

    I will have to youtube Robert Downey's speech though because I heart him.

  5. Oh, I'm well aware that Precious is based on Push, because apparently everyone in the world is contractually obligated to refer to it ONLY and EXACTLY as "Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire".

    Jeez, it drives me nuts every time I hear it.

  6. I saw Precious. Mo'nique was enthralling. She *was* the batshit crazy mom the way Charlize Theron was Eileen Wournos.
    I had a really hard time watching it. I was literally cringing and crying and at one point I tried to burrow into my coat. Palindrome is right, there are things in the movie that a person doesn't want to think about.
    It is worth watching, though.

  7. Sorry, I struck a nerve there Teebore. My sister made me read it a few years back...before all the hype.

  8. Oh, it's not your fault Palindrome; YOU didn't refer to the movie by it's needlessly specific and seemingly mandated sobriquet.


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