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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boots' Best - Microcosmos

A little back story -

I love the soundtrack to CORALINE by Bruno Coulais. I did a quick NETFLIX search to see what other films he scored and came up with this documentary.

MICROCOSMOS takes us up close and personal to some of the tinier creatures of the animal kingdom. The filmmakers used specialized cameras and microphones to capture a variety of insects in their natural habitats.

Some of the highlights for me -

An Ant drinking from a gelatinous looking droplet of water.

Ladybugs doing the horizontal mmm-bop.

An ant kicking the shit out of a ladybug and then pushing it off of a twig.

Snails waxing and taxing it.

Ants dragging and carrying things way larger and heavier than themselves across the sand.

A beetle with the curse of Sisyphus.

Rain - exploding on the ground and water! Frickin' awesome!

An ant getting pelted in the head by multiple raindrops then looking up as if saying, "WTF?!?!?"

The whole film is a visual and aural drug.

If you're the least bit interested in nature - watch this film!


  1. Sounds fascinating. Plus, ladybug sex sounds like something that would crack me the hell up.

    Is there a Morgan Freeman-esque narrator, or just the music?

  2. I think Kristin Scott Thomas does the narration, but she only has a few lines.


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