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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

X-aminations in August 2017

A big month ahead, as we get the launch of yet another regular series (albeit a quarterly one) in X-Men Unlimited, the start of the next linewide crossover, "Fatal Attractions", in X-Factor, and, sadly, the end of Alan Davis' Excalibur run, along with a look at the fourth series of Marvel Universe trading cards.

On Sale April 1993
August 2: X-Men (vol. 2) #21
August 3: X-Force #23
August 4: Excalibur #66

August 9: X-Men Unlimited #1
August 10: X-Factor Annual #8
August 11: Cable #2

On Sale May 1993
August 16: Uncanny X-Men #302
August 17: X-Factor #92
August 18: Wolverine #71

August 23: X-Men (vol. 2) #22
August 24: X-Force #24
August 25: Excalibur #67

August 30: Unstacking the Deck: Marvel Universe Series IV


  1. Ugh. That picture reminds me of how upset I was with the fourth series of MU cards. How could they not realize that if you put them in binder, the picture is all broken up due to the spacing between the pockets on the pages?

    1. Oh, just you wait until I get to that post. I have things to say about that series. Unpleasant things.

    2. Well yeah, the cards are separated in a binder sleeve, but they still looked good together... (at least to me).

  2. Wow. This is really good to read about the series. I hope that I will be able to see the complete series.

  3. When I was a kid I always wondered what the hell Rogue was staring at when this image was put together.

  4. Holy smokes. That image! I'd left the X-Universe just a few months before where this blog is at currently, so I was amazingly ignorant of what was going on. More than the undeniably questionable art or spacing between the cards, I'm aghast at how shamelessly those images rip off Jim Lee's stuff. That Magneto picture in the middle is practically the one Lee did for HIS card set! Ditto Bishop and Arcangel! Wow. Terrible.

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