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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

X-aminations in June

Another straightforward month, and the last before New Mutants enters the mix!

June 6th: Uncanny X-Men #157
June 13th: Uncanny X-Men #158
June 20th: Uncanny X-Men #159
June 27th: Uncanny X-Men #160


  1. I've been meaning to ask — out of pure curiosity and not finger-wagging, because I appreciate what an undertaking this already is:

    Are you skipping over stuff like the odd Marvel Team-Up with Nightcrawler and Wolverine because the stories are too tangential to the thrust of the main series (singular now, but soon plural), because it might be neat to cover the early crossovers but you don't want to set a precedent for when the X-Men are everywhere, because you don't have access to such material or good recaps of it, or some combination thereof?

    I suspect it's a combo platter, with much consideration paid to how it could get out of hand, and again I want to emphasize that I'm not chastising you in the least, but when going through some months of Marvel covers recently at Mike's Amazing World I did find myself thinking that it'd be neat to have at least a one-line bit of lip service in your posts, when appropriate, as to the core characters' appearances elsewhere.

  2. {{{this is not the comment you are looking for}}}

  3. @Blam: I suspect it's a combo platter, with much consideration paid to how it could get out of hand

    Yeah, it's more or less some combination thereof.

    In an ideal world, I'd be covering every X-Men appearance. But I gave that up early on, unconsciously by skipping over the X-Men's various (though certainly not numerous) guest appearances in other titles during the Silver Age and consciously when I decided not to devote an entire post to Iron Fist 15.

    So for the most part, my approach is pretty much just "make it up as I go along". There are certain tie-ins and crossovers I know I want to cover (like Secret Wars), others I'll probably skip simply because I've never read them and have no idea how connected they are to the main series (like some of the Marvel Team-Up stuff)or because I don't have easy access to them (like Rom issues), and some that I'll cover simply because I've never read them (this is honestly one of the reasons I devoted a post to the two Spider-Woman issues).

    Covering ancillary stuff moving forward will get even trickier when New Mutants comes into play, simply because I want to keep the issues of the two series in synch, month-wise (such that the issues we cover in a given week will be from the same month). Which means anytime I want to cover something outside the main titles, I have to devote an entire week just to that story (Annuals will also be tricky in this regard, but luckily, I've looked ahead and found good spots to slot in the New Mutants annuals without throwing off the months. And I have no idea yet how to cover Secret Wars II, but that's a ways off still).

    That said, I do hope to at least pay lip service to just about any appearance outside of X-Men in the post covering the issue nearest to said appearance (again, kind of like what I did for Iron Fist 15). The Marvel Index will help in that regard, but I'm sure I'll miss some things - in which case, I expect you and other readers to chime in. :)

    And, just in case you're curious, here's a look ahead at some of the outside the main series/ancillary stuff I'm thinking of covering. If you see anything missing you especially think shouldn't be, let me know.

    The X-Men/Teen Titans crossover, maybe Contest of Champions (I don't think I've read it all the way through before, and while the X-Men probably aren't heavily featured, I thought it might be fun to cover it. But we'll see), X-Men: Special Edition #1, God Loves, Man Kills, the Wolverine mini, the Texas State Fair issue (mainly because it's goofy fun), maybe the X-Men/Micronauts mini (I've never read it, so I have no idea how significant it is, but it might be fun to read just because I've never read it before) and Secret Wars.

    I haven't looked too far beyond that, but I'll cover the Kitty Pryde/Wolverine mini for sure, and really, just about any miniseries until the mid 90s when every damned character got one and most were some combination of bad and pointless.


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