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Monday, July 20, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (7/13/2009 - 7/19/2009)

Well, it's All Star week, so things were pretty slow, so I'll first start with some retro thoughts not confined to this week.

1. First of all, remember Justin Morneau did this to the Brewers?

2. Some people love their reality TV shows more for the "train wreck" factor more than anything else. But frankly, the most entertaining train wrecks out there happen at Cubs game, where they have guest celebrities sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Like this or this.

3. I think that it's imperative that everybody know about this story.

OK, onto this week...

4. The Home Run Derby starts out pretty fun but it gets really boring as it goes on. MLB needs to find a way to shorten it.

5. Speaking of the Home Run Derby, after hearing all about Josh Hamilton last year in the derby, it was as if Justin Morneau didn't even exist. I think Morneau should've entered the contest just to remind everyone that he was last year's champion.

6. The all Star game was lacking in excitement, but was played fast enough to not being boring.

7. The most entertaining part of the All Star festivities, for me, anyway, has always been the Celebrity Softball tournament. I enjoy it much more than I should.

8. Jim Thome had a big day on Friday.

9. Which should get a pitcher demoted to the minors faster, this or this?

10. I knew the Twins were in trouble Sunday when they were going for a sweep. They love to settle for two out of three. Add to it the fact that I have no faith in the Twins once the game hits extra innings, and I wasn't surprised to see Ian Kinsler hit a two-run bomb.

11. In Saturday's Twins game, the home plate umpire took a foul ball directly into the nuts. He was down for a while and then had to leave periodically during the game for...unknown...reasons. Naturally, this is hilarious to everybody who isn't that ump. But MLB, in an effort to have "integrity" and to "take the higher road" did not post this video. Luckily, the Gentlemen of Leisure have no such restrictions, so in honor of that umpire, here are some videos of shots to the nuts:

1 comment:

  1. 1. Heh. Yes.

    2. Mr. T's rendition was unintentionally hilarious. That other one was just...weird. I think Denise Richards recently did a pretty bad version at a Cubs game too. Do they ever have GOOD renditions of the song?

    3. I actually had heard that story before. I love how the article says that the pitchers were "of course" left handers. Are LHPs known for wife swapping or something?

    5. Agreed.

    6. Well said.

    9. The latter, I think. I mean, the first was an honest mistake. Giving up a home run to Punto is simply inexcusable.

    10. Don't get me started on the effing Twins, especially after last night.

    11. Agreed: nut shots are hilarious when they're not you.


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