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Monday, July 13, 2009

Brief Thought About Baseball (07/06/2009 - 07/12/2009)

1. I heard a lot about how classy Boston's reaction to Nomar Garciaparra's return to Fenway Park was. I guarantee you that the reaction would have been MUCH different if 2004 and 2007 never happened.

2. This pitching performance was NOT good for my fantasy team.

3. I wasn't happy to hear that Paul Konerko of the hated White Sox had a three home run night.

4. The very next day Andruw Jones of the Texas Rangers hit three home runs in a game too. I was fairly neutral about it.

5. MLB must have been wet and thrown in the dryer. I just say that because I know after I'm done running my clothes through the dryer I always end up with a missing sock...

6. Sometimes it takes someone who isn't viewing things as in depth as I to come up with the most astute comment. While watching the Twins lose to the Yankees for the 7th time this season (thus being swept by the Yankees in the season series) Mrs. Dr. Bitz said this to me, "It's like the Yankees are in a different league than the Twins."
I couldn't have said it better myself. The sad part is that it almost makes this season a wash. Even if the Twins do win the division, what are the odds they even win one playoff series?

7. OK, let's see if I can get this straight. On May 5th a Houston Astros/Washington Natinals game was postoned due to rain when it was tied in the bottom of the 11th inning with Elijah Dukes on base for the Natinals. The Natinal pitcher who pitched the top of the 11th inning was Joel Hanrahan.
Since that game was postponed, Joel Hanrahan and Elijah Dukes were traded. On July 9th the game resumed, but with Elijah Dukes not on the tema anymore, Nyjer Morgan (a player that was traded to the Natinals for Hanrahan) was on base in replacement of Dukes.
Sure enough, Elijah Dukes scored, the Natinals one the game, and Joel Hanrahan, who was no longer on the team, was credited with the "win" thanks to a run a player he was traded for scored.
That's just my long winded way of pointing out that the Win is a pointless stat.

8. They say it's the most exciting play in baseball, but this one wasn't all that suspenseful.

9. My baseball wishes in life is first to see the Twins win a World Series, but second is to see a Twins pitcher do what Jonathan Sanchez did on Friday night. And if it wasn't for Juan Uribe, it would have been a perfect performance. If I was Jonathan Sanchez...I would have punched him.

10. This link is at the request of Mrs. Dr. Bitz. I suppose I could give some bonus links like this and, of course, this from earlier this week.

11. After White Sox Mark Buehrle's last game against the Twins (in which the Twins could only muster up one run of offense) Mark Buehrle claimed that he "owned" the Twins.
Well, the Twins owned Buehrle on Sunday when they got 8 runs off him in 3 and 1/3 innings. The Twins ended up scoring 13 runs total against the White Sox. If could of been even worse, too, if it wasn't for Jermain Dye's outfield assist. Sources say he only made the play due to some practice he got prior to the game.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Or, perhaps, if Nomar had done anything notable, or been at all good, since leaving Boston.

    2. That WAS painful.

    5. Wow, that's hilarious. Do you know if he ever showed up? Remember when he won a Cy Young award?

    6. Mrs. Dr. Bitz really hit the nail on the head.

    And I think your realization was the most painful part of the entire sweep.

    7. That whole sequence of events also cracks me up. Only in baseball...

    8. Yeah, coming home standing up kind of robs the play of any suspense.

    9. You have to wonder if, when a player botches a perfect game like that, the pitcher resents him for it. I mean, sure, he's never going to SAY he resents him, certainly not to the media, but he's kind of got to, doesn't he? I mean, I would. Does that make me petty?

    10. Gomez's catch was awesome and all (it really was) but it would be even more awesome if the Yankees hadn't blown the Twins out of the water that game (and in the whole series) anyway..

    11. Eat it, Buehrle.

    I love that the State Fair mascot was there. Where the heck did all those other mascots come from?


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