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Monday, July 6, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (6/29/2009 - 7/05/2009)

Note: In honor of Mrs. Dr. Bitz's complaint, none of the links this week will feature a home run...except for this one.

1. First of all, congrats to the Twins finally getting over 2 games over 500. They are now a whopping 3 games over 500.

2. The Baltimore Orioles were down by 9 runs in the 7th inning against the Red Sox. Eventually this happened and secured an improbable victory for the O's. it Red Sox!

3. Apparently the Texas Rangers somtimes wear red for their road jerseys instead of instead of their traditional blue. The problem is they played the Angels this week. So any highlight I saw from those game just greatly confused me. Was that Torii Hunter making that catch? Wait, no, it was Marlon Byrd!?

4. I suppose I'll steal a line from Sports Center and say that the Arizona/San Diego on game on Thursday had a delay that would have fans....buzzing! I'm sure PETA wasn't happy with the solution.

5. On Thursday the White Sox faced the Royals. In the 1st inning Billy Butler hit a pop up and for some reason Willie Bloomquist was running on the play and got doubled up. Then, in the second inning, Miguel Olivo hit a pop up and Mark Teahen decided to not learn a lesson from the first inning (or any little league coach) and ran on the play also. Not surprisingly, he got doubled off. And the Royals wonder why they are perennial bottom feeders.

6. You want to know what headline I hope is never written about me? "Big Unit injured!"

7. And of course the Natinals make another bid to be the worst baseball franchise with there own version of premature ejaculation when they lit off victory fireworks before the game was actually finished.

8. I suppose I should say few things about the All Star selections. There's not too much to complain about. Obviously, Justin Morneau should be starting over Mark Texeira since he leads the Yankee's 1st basemen in nearly every offensive statistical category. But Morneau will be playing as a reserve, so that's OK.
Ian Kinsler should be starting over Dustin Pedroia but Kinsler might not even get to play in the game...unless he gets voted in on the last chance vote.
I suppose the only egregious choice is Josh Hamilton, who missed about half his games due to injuries. But that's who the fan's voted in.
I used to not have a problem with fans voting for all stars, I mean, it's an exhibition game that's strictly for entertainment. So let's have the guys play who the fans want to see.
But I heard a counter argument to that that says that the MLB All Star Game is for home field advantage in the World Series. That's important, and with those kind of stakes we shouldn't have fans influencing the outcome. That argument made sense to me so now I'm against fans voting for the MLB All Star Game.
The real solution is to keep fan voting and do away with the stupidity of the game deciding home field advantage in the World Series.

1 comment:

  1. Still not tired of that grand slam...

    1. Next stop: World Series. Right? Right?

    2. Ha! Eat it indeed, Red Sox.

    4. Crazy. Makes me think of that Spider-Man villain Swarm, who was basically a swarm of bees in human form. He wore a cape. And was a Nazi. And, apparently, not a baseball fan.

    6. Heh.

    7. Wow, I hadn't heard about that. That is freakin' hilarious. I love Chipper Jones' comment in the article, when the fireworks started going off: you got one more pitch, bro.

    8. I definitely think Morneau is the best AL first baseman right now, but at least he's playing in the game.

    Pedroia wouldn't even be considered if he wasn't from Boston. It's a shame Kinsler has to rely on the Last Chance vote.

    Hamilton's vote still pisses me off. Dude's barely played all season. If that's who the fans want to see, then I guess the fans are just dumb. I know *I* didn't vote for him.

    The whole "this time, it means something" angle to the All Star game seems unnecessary. I understand the tie game thing years ago was a debacle and whatnot, but there's other ways to work around that.


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