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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Tyler Durden

So I'm having trouble sleeping again and between reading cases from the SUPREME COURT website and checking Wikipedia I stumbled on the article below.


I especially like the mention of "women and children". I can't image why parts of the world would hate the "civilized" WESTERN powers.


  1. Yeah, this is a tough one because there's so little information.

    From what I could tell, the US and NATO came into Pakistan and attacked three houses. Regardless of what may or may not have happened based on eye-witness accounts, this was wrong because if the US and NATO were going to have a raid they should've cleared it with the Pakistani government first, which they didn't.

    Secondly, as you said, women and children were killed. And overall, 15 people 'civilians' were killed. Now, if soldiers march in somewhere and women start firing guns at them, I can see soldiers having to kill women as they would men. But am I to believe children were firing weapons at the soldiers? It's hard to believe that the killing of children was necessary.

    Thirdly, witnesses say the subjects of the attack had no known terrorists ties. Which doesn't look good for the US and NATO. Then again, how reliable are the witnesses? Do they have reason to lie?

    But in the end, like I said, at the very least, the US should've cleared this raid with the Pakastani government.

    Overall, this looks like the US and NATO decided there was a 'bad guy' in that neighborhood and decided to take him out with a complete disregard for whoever else gets injured or killed in the process. Which is not they way I'd like to see my military do business.

    My final question would be why the liberal media whose conspiring against this adminsitration at every turn wouldn't jump all over a story like this?

    And also, where was the giant pile of dead hookers?

  2. I'm enjoying the tags a little too much. You can make connections to anything if you truly try.

    A story like this confirms what I've always believed - we are NOT the glorified peacekeepers we portray ourselves to be. Our military continues to do horrendous acts against the citizens of other countries, sometimes through orders and sometimes by the soldiers own volition.

    I personally would never join the military and do not give unquestioning support to them simply because I would never want to be in the position where I would kill another human being and, as this article supposes, military members seem to do that act often against citizens who have no part in the conflict.

    Like you said, the mainstream media has practically ignored this story and numerous others of the past.

    Hatred is not something that pops up out of nowhere. Generally, non-US citizens have a pretty good argument against our country's aggressive actions. Our Government has been doing these type of attacks for the past 40 years, if not longer.


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