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Monday, June 30, 2008

MLB Headlines Week 13

So the Twins win 10 in a row, I go to a game, and they immediately lose. To make matters worse, it was a really crappy game. It was over by the bottom of the third inning. In fact, after the top of the third the Twins never even had the tying run at the plate. Makes for a boring game. And infuriating considering the Brewers pitcher was on boots~'s fantasy team who I was up against last week. At least I didn't pay for the game. Headline of the Week:
Streaking Twins try to sweep past Padres

I just saw that headline and couldn't help but think of the Twins playing naked. And if you think that's the gayest thought I've had in the past hour, you'd be wrong!

June 29th, 2008 - Brewers 0 Twins 5
Slowey's shutout hangs Sheets out to dry

June 28th, 2008 - Brewers 5 Twins 1
Streak ends at ten as Brewers come in under Par-ra

June 29th, 2008 - Cubs 1 White Sox 5
Sweep Revenge: Ozzie elated, Pinella ejected as Sox take three on home turf.

Dr. Bitz:
June 29th, 2008 – Brewers 0 Twins 5
Slowey superb in a game that was anything but slow

June 29th, 2008 - Orioles 2 Nationals 3
Sh!t...Sherrill gives up a blast to Belliard.

June 29th, 2008 - Rockies 3 Tigers 4
Kenny Rogers has the winning hand against the Rockies

Voting to you left. I won last week, and if I don't win this week, I will find each and everyone you and make your lives miserable!

1:00 PM: Well, I'm getting started a bit late. But as of Saturday night this was the line:
Me: 32 8 28 8 .301 2 3 28 3.13 0.98
Him: 20 3 15 4 .244 5 4 46 3.64 1.36

Thanks to 3 steals by my team yesterday I'm pretty much dominating all the hitting stats...against boots~...bwa-ha-ha.
I have two starting pitchers going today and he has one. Well, technically Darell Rasner is pitching too but he's on my bench. Actually, I was going to bench all my starting pitchers but I didn't get there in time. So Dan Haren is definitely pitching for me, but I might bench Bedard, depending on how Haren does. I'm a bit disappointed in my Saves total this week, so we'll need to pick that up. It's especially maddening because two of my closers blew saves this week. Fuentes and Franklin. Franklin's off my team now in favor of Mike Gonzales. Anyway, looking at how things are now my batters are 0 for 4 and his are 0 for 2. Exciting. Dan Haren's pitching well though, so I have that going for me.

1:01 PM: boots~ is now 0 for 3.

1:05 PM: 2 outs, bases loaded, Carl Crawford up to bat. Let's see what happens...grounded out to pitcher. 0 for 5.

1:13 PM: Albert *Hehehehehe* Pujuols is up to bat. He came back from injury sooner than expected and went 4-4 with a run. Not bad. I'm still waiting for his first homer for me, though. Maybe it'll happen today?

1:16 PM: A double for Phat Albert. At this point in the week I'll take it.

1:17 PM: Dustin Pedroia singled and stole second. That annoys me but I have to remind myself that I'm not going against him this week. I have to replace annoying Red Sox A (Dustin Pedroia) with annoying Red Sox B (J.D. Drew)...who walked. Better than a hit, though.

1:20 PM: Brandon *I can't think of a good nickname* Phillips gets an RBI Single. Always appreciated.

1:28 PM: Alex *Expletive Deleted* Rodriguez and Hunter *You're about to be thrown through a sliding glass door and off my team* Pence both struck out.

1:44 PM: boots~ had McClouth and 'The anti-Minnesotan' McCann hitting with runners in scoring position. They both struck out. Kind of good for me, but at the same time I need the team those guys are playing for to take a lead for my closers.

1:47 PM: And now Tejada strikes out. Both our players are striking out left and bad this ain't bowling.

1:49 PM: Crawford strikes out swinging.

1:51 PM: Man on third, one out, Albert *snicker* Pujols up to bat.

1:52 PM: And he's intentionally walked...bastards.

1:55 PM: I think Carlos Gomez should be spell his name Karlos for all the time he strikes out.

2:01 PM: Brandon Phillips singles again and then steals a base, making a bid for Savior of the Week.

2:05 PM: Adam Dunn homered for boots~. Can't say I'm happy about that. Phillips was on base so the runs negate each other, but boots~ does cut the home run deficit to 4 and the RBI deficit to a meager 11. My team better step it up! Because in the words of Coach Jack Reilly, "It's not worth winning if you can't win big!"

2:11 PM: Apparently Brandon Phillips stole another off.

2:15 PM: Stupid Detroit taking the lead. I'm sick of them winning and I'm sick of my closers not getting a save opportunity.

2:24 PM: Pujols...hehehehe...just struck out, just to be like everyone else.

2:29 PM: I should nickname Carl Crawford 'Gold or Garbage'. Because he either has a great game or a terrible game. And if you're scoring at home, today Carl Crawford would be garbage.

2:34 PM: Haren's out of the game, has a good ERA and WHIP, so I've taken Bedard out of my lineup. It's too risky to go for strike outs and risk ERA and WHIP.

2:36 PM: Delmon Young hit a home run off of Ben Sheets. Frankly, Ben Sheets should be cut right now.

3:17 PM: Back from my shower. Let's see what I missed. I missed a pinch hit RBI single by Ryan 'Jell-O For Brains' Doumit to break the 30 RBI mark for this week. First time I've done that in like 4 weeks. Bill Wagner and Todd Jones both havw saves for boots~ sealing the category for him...lame.

3:19 PM: Carl 'Garbage' Crawford struck out...again. 0 for 5 for him this game.

3:28 PM: Ask and ye shall receive...well for this week, apparently. Albert 'Don't call me Winnie the...CHRIS BERMAN!' Pujols...hehehehe...just hit a 2 run home run. I'm really likely my trade.

3:44 PM: George Sherrill is coming in for a save that will ultimately be meaningless for me. All saves do now is get my team close enough to my opponents save total to get me enraged that my closers blew two saves this week.

3:52 PM: And Sherrill gives up a two run home run to lose the game...awesome.

5:04 PM: Thanks to Sherrill's home run and Johnathan Sanchez pitching well, ERA is getting dangerously, close. 2.97 to 3.29. I think I'm safe...but I'm getting a little nervous.

5:18 PM: Sanchez is out of the game...*phew*. Chase Utley grounded out...but why is the Texas/Philadelphia game starting so late? Baseball's weird.

10:11 PM: Well Carlos Quentin hit a home run in the night game and Jermaine Dye added a run. So this is pretty much a butt whippin' by me. Here's how it looks:

Me: 40 10 33 10 .305 2 3 36 2.97 1.02
Him: 22 4 18 20 .214 6 6 53 3.27 1.26

I had the same win total this week as last. But this time I lost...which I should have. Second week in a row my opponent only had 4 home runs for the week. And I won both times...which I should have. 10 Steals is great, 10 Home runs is great, 40 runs is great, and .305 is good. It was a good hitting week and the only thing I'm really disappointed in regarding my pitching is only 3 saves. I expect more from my platoon of closers.

Nemesis of The Week:
Not a lot of people pissed me off too much, considering I won 7-3. So this weeks honors (or should I say curses?) go to Brian Wilson and his 3 saves this week. I mean, he's the San Francisco Giants' closer. The Giants shouldn't win 3 game in a month let alone a week!

Savior of The Week:
Well Crawford had 7 runs, 3 home runs, 6 RBI and a steal, which is definitely good. But his .267 batting average isn't blowing me away. And in a what have you done for me lately business, his 0 for 5 day today kind of annoys me. So the Savior of the Week is Jermaine Dye. 5 Runs, 2 Home Runs, 7 RBI, 2 Steals, and .409 batting average. likes.

The moral of this week's story is it's always more fun to win a week in which a person is paying attention. Eat it boots~!

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  1. Any post that quotes Coach Reilly gets an A in my book.

    Good call on Karlos Gomez.

    When you do finally cut Hunter Pence, I'm going to miss the sliding glass door jokes.

    And you're right, the Giants are winning far more games than their reputation as a crappy team would suggest.


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