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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lost: Questions Answered Part 2

4x07: Ji Yeon

Is Jin really dead?

Sun believes him to be, and we are supposed to assume that he is. This being Lost, few people are assuming anything. I would not be surprised if Jin was still alive. I would also not be surprised that he is truly dead.

Who staged the wreckage and who recovered the fake Oceanic 815? If we trust the captain, Widmore recovered it and Ben staged it, but can we trust the captain?

It seems we were able to trust the captain, but that doesn’t mean he was ever told the truth. The question of who faked the wreckage: Ben (as Widmore’s captain claims) or Widmore (as Ben claims) is still officially unanswered.

What does Ji Yeon mean in Korean?

No idea…

What, specifically about proximity to the island, is causing the “cabin fever” aboard the ship? Is it the same thing that afflicted Danielle’s crew?

This was never made clear.

Where’d Frank go? What kind of errand can he be running? And what were he and the hired goon about to do at the beginning of the episode?

Frank was bringing the Hired Goons to the island for the attack they will carry out in two episodes.

Why didn’t anyone else come to see Sun and Ji Yeon, besides Hurley?

The tensions and division amongst the Oceanic Six have yet to be entirely revealed.

When does Sun’s flash forward fit into the timeline? Most likely before all the others, I’d think.

I believe her flash forward does take place shortly after the “rescue”/press conference/Hurley birthday party we saw in There’s No Place Like Home part 1.

4x08: Meet Kevin Johnson

Who shot Rousseau and Karl?

Hired Goons.

Rousseau? Really? There seems like she has a lot more story to tell. And the producers told us we’d get a Rousseau flashback at some point. I didn’t see any blood-maybe she’s just stunned or something. Here’s hoping…

Nope, she’s dead. We even saw her body. Apparently the actress was sick of Hawaii and asked to be written out.

How does the island not let Michael kill himself? Literal or Figurative? Did it prevent Jack from doing the same?


Was that Malcolm David Kelley in the window when Michael looked up? There seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not it was a new actor. Personally, it looked like “correctly aged” Walt, so it was probably a CG image inserted over an actor. The producers have long said that Walt is coming back, and that the factored in that the actor would age faster than the character when planning his character’s arc. Some are now speculating that if this was a new actor, then perhaps that was all BS or they’ve abandoned that plan.

I have yet to hear anything official as to whether or not that was Malcolm David Kelley in the window, but the actor certainly did appear in There’s No Place Like Home part 2. The appearance of Taller Fro Walt in that episode leads me to believe the image seen here was probably a CG rendering of younger Walt or a lookalike actor.

Michael’s timeline seems a bit fuzzy to me.

It remains fuzzy, and I have a feeling it be best that we not pay too much attention to it.

How did Michael and Walt get from small boat leaving the island to living in New York?

According to Michael, they took the boat to a small

We can (probably) chalk up the Libby Michael saw in the hospital to his guilt/medicine, but how about the Libby that appeared on the freighter? Was that Smokey? If so, what are the implications that it didn’t want Michael to do something Ben, the self-proclaimed prophet of the island, wanted done?

Everything about Libby (her pre-island life and various apparitions this season) remains a mystery.

Who are the innocents aboard the freighter? How did Ben realize this (he didn’t get a list of passengers until after he told Michael there were innocents aboard)?

Unknown, though I suspect it has something to do with the “rules” Ben cites in relation to his conflict with Widmore.

4x09: The Shape of Things to Come

Why was Ben in Tunisia?

The act of moving the island transported him there. Why Tunisia? We don’t know.

Also, his given name elicited a reaction from the desk clerk-why?


Where (and we have to ask, when) was he teleporting from?

The island, right before he moved it.

He had a Dharma parka on: why would there be Dharma parkas-the island is fairly tropical.

The mechanism with which he moved the island was located, for some reason, in a subzero area.

What was the deal with the dead boat doctor?

We will see him get killed in the next episode by Keamy; his washing up on the shore in this episode is caused by the largely-unexplained time anomaly.

Where did Ben go before Smokey showed up?

No answer yet.

Who killed Nadia, and why? Was it Ishmael (ostensibly on Widmore’s orders) as Ben insinuated, or did Ben kill her in order to get Sayid on his side, as his assassin, the same way the commandos didn’t kill Sawyer, hoping instead to enrage him to the point that he’d willingly push Ben out the door?

The truth behind Nadia’s death, if there is truth beyond what we’ve been shown, hasn’t been revealed. Knowing that Ben arrived in Tunisia moments after this season’s finale, it seems less likely that Nadia’s death was orchestrated by him, but you never know.

The whole conversation between Ben and Widmore at the end was packed full of questions and hints.

And thus far, we’ve received no answers to those questions.

Where is Penelope?

In the “present” of this episode, cruising around the South Pacific, looking for Desmond. During the conversation Ben had with Widmore, who knows?

4x10: Something Nice Back Home

Well, they brought it up: why do some people get sick on the island while others are healed?

Still no answer to this long-running mystery.

What did Sawyer ask Kate to do? What business “back home” does he have now that his quest is over? Was it related to his daughter?

Yes, it sounds as though he asked her to check in on his daughter.

And why did he stay behind?

He “heroically” dived from the helicopter, casting off enough weight to enable it to safely reach the freighter. He didn’t really want to go home that bad anyway.

In the flash forward, does Jack know Aaron is his nephew?


Why didn’t Jack want to be around Aaron, and what changed his mind?

Still not clear on either count.

Is this how Aaron and Claire become separated? Is she lured off by Christian and never sees her son again?

Seems to be the case.

4x11: Cabin Fever

What is Abbadon’s agenda? Where do his true allegiances lie?

No clue.

Is Claire dead?

Still unknown

Reincarnation or Time Travel?

Probably won’t know for awhile, if ever.

Thoughts of reincarnation has me thinking back to some theories surrounding Aaron at the end of the first season. Is it possible he is a reincarnation of someone, whomever it was Richard was checking on Locke?

See above.

Did Horace really build the Jacob’s cabin?

Probably not important.

What is the Book of Laws?

No idea.

Where was Jacob?

See above.

Did Christian enter into Jacob’s service when his body crashed on the island, or has Christian been in service to the island for much longer?

Something tells me the Christian mysteries are tied in with the Jacob mysteries, and we won’t have answers to either for a good long time.

Is the island protecting Locke? Is that how he survived his premature birth, all the near misses we saw in flashback before Cooper pushed him out the window, and that window-fall itself?

Don’t know.

If Desmond is still on the freighter, determined not to step foot back on the island, and Sayid is going back to ferry people to the boat, how will Desmond avoid becoming a member of the Oceanic Seven, and will he end up back on the island, or somewhere else?

He’ll end up with Penny on her boat, staying under the radar to avoid Widmore.

Who was driving the car that hit Locke’s mother? Is the identity of the driver important?

No idea, and maybe.

What was that thing on Keamy’s arm? He doesn’t strike me as the suicide bomber type; perhaps a remote that detonates a bomb on the freighter?

Yup, dead man switch.

So how, exactly, does one move an island?

With a frozen donkey wheel, a little Energon, and a lot of luck.

And will they be moving it through space or…time?!?

Space, seemingly. Time, we don’t know yet.

4x12: There’s No Place Like Home part 1

Sun said two people were responsible for Jin’s death, and Paik is one of them; who’s the other one? Is she just exercising a little self-pity there?

There is someone else, but we don’t know who she blames. Jack thinks it’s him (but he’s always been self-centered). Could be Ben. Could be Widmore.

Why were there 15 year old crackers in Ben’s signal kit? And who was he signaling? We’re led to believe it was Richard and the other Others, but Ben was evading Locke’s question. Was that just Ben being Ben?

He was just being Ben; he was signaling Richard and the Others. The crackers may or may not be important.

Who came up with the Oceanic Six’s cover story? Jack and Co., Oceanic, Ben?


How does Daniel know about the Secondary Protocol (or, for that matter, how does he know about the Orchid? Was that something else he learned from a time traveler)?

As with many Daniel mysteries, this also went unanswered.

How much money did Oceanic give the Six, exactly? It had to be a lot, in order for Sun to purchase a controlling interest in the company.

Several people believe I am making too big a deal out of this.

Didn’t Hurley come to terms with his “curse” when he and Charlie rolled the VW bus down the hill in season three’s “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead?” Why does he still want nothing to do with his lottery money? Does something happen in the finale to shake his newfound perspective, or is he simply reverting to type after being rescued? Or did the writers just drop the ball regarding this bit of characterization?

No follow up to this as of yet; probably just a ball drop.

Who rigged the explosives on the freighter? I presume Keamy did, and that thing on his arm is some kind of dead man’s switch to give him leverage.


For whom does Decker work? She was w/the Oceanic Six abroad the Coast Guard plane, but I doubt she was a member. It was implied, but never made clear that she worked for Oceanic itself.

Still just implied, and probably not important.

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