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Monday, January 9, 2012


Never let it be said that I don't eventually come around on these newfangled technological fads: Teebore is now on Twitter!

That's right, you can follow me on Twitter @AustinGorton (there goes my secret identity...), or via this blog (my five most recent tweets now appear beneath Dr. Bitz's infrequently-updated Doctor Manhattan Twitter feed on the sidebar).

In addition to learning stalker-ish and generally pointless things like when I'm going to the gym or how much I liked the dinner I just ate, I'm planning on tweeting immediate reactions to the TV shows I watch, as I watch them (including shows not regularly covered in the "Last Week in TV" posts), as well as a weekly heads up about which issue of X-Men is coming up next in "X-aminations" (which will become increasingly useful as the year goes on and we start covering random non-X-Men issues like Avengers Annual #10 more frequently). 

Also, I'm already following a ton of people funnier and smarter than me on Twitter, so you'll be privy to all of their great stuff that I retweet.

So welcome to 2007 folks; it's gonna be a great year!


  1. I'm on Twitter too!! Woohoo!! I'm finding you

  2. @Hannah: I'm pretty sure I found you first.

  3. yeah i thought i saw you tweeting (off FB). I have still resisted the call, though i know i'll succumb at some point

  4. @Sarah: It's actually turned out to be a lot more fun/less tedious and pointless than I thought it would be. Fortuitously enough, the Television Critics Association tour started last week, so I've been able to read up on what's happening at each of the presentations more or less in real time thanks to a handful of TV critics I follow on Twitter, and that's really helped cement my appreciation for Twitter.

    One of those things where I didn't even know I was missing it, but now I'm like, "holy crap, this is awesome!"

  5. @Anne: "Hi, Pot? This is Kettle. You're black."

  6. @Dr. Bitz: "Hi, Pot? This is Kettle-"

    Oh, wait...


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