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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boots~ Review - OUR LOVE IS REAL

I broke down and bought it on comixolgy.

I blame

For an explanation of the story and the rave reviews, click here.

Was it pro-bestiality? Was it a metaphor for pushing along the "equality" agenda? Was it funny?

My answer for what it is - BORING.

I feel bad that I spent $2.99 to increase its sales.

Without igniting the fires of past blog entries, this is what the story boils down to from my perspective -

If you are able to have great sex with something, then that is LOVE.

As someone who is semi-pursuing his social experiment PROJEKT LOVE, I find this answer to the question "What is LOVE?" to be quite lacking and sad.

For those who would like to enjoy smart, witty, and socially relevant comics, I'd highly recommend avoiding OUR LOVE IS REAL and instead purchase CHEW.



  1. Interesting. I keep hearing good things about this and was just about to buy it myself. Maybe I still will just to get my own point of view on it.

    Chew socially relevant? Hmmm...maybe I haven't read enough of it but I didn't get that from it.

  2. I also read good things about it. The only negative write-ups I found were from people who refused to buy it because they saw it as using bestiality as the selling point.

    While there is only one panel of the protagonist and his "bitch" together (bitch is what the comic uses to describe his significant other) it doesn't "show" anything. However, It's drawn in such a way that your mind easily fills in the entire picture.

    The frame has stuck in my mind like Ned Beatty's "Squeal like a pig!" scene.

    There are things the human mind does not need.

    That being the case, I would find it hard for anyone to deny that it is does have bestiality porn.

    Chew, from the first issue, is centered around the government crackdown of what they see as contraband. It deals with freedom, choice, and obeying authority. All Socially relevant issues.

    I also found myself laughing out loud every few pages while reading CHEW and needed to stop to tell my wife what was going on!

    in OUR LOVE IS REAL, I never got even a slight chuckle out of watching the main character bash people's faces in . . .

  3. Hmm...I haven't heard anything about this. Then again, I've been woefully out of the loop when it comes to comics lately.

    Chew I have heard about, though I haven't read it yet.

    My answer for what it is - BORING.

    Call me lowbrow if you will, but I generally find that to be the case with most non-superhero/sci fi/fantasy comics I read.

    I went through a phase a few years ago where I felt like I needed to broaden my comics-reading horizons and made an effort to seek out more indies/non-superhero stuff. But with a few exceptions, none of it really sucked me in, and I felt like I was just reading out of obligation. So I finally accepted the fact that I generally like comics where stuff gets punched, and just left my ear to the ground for non-punchy stuff I might like.

    I broke down and bought it on comixolgy.

    Did you read it on your computer, or do you have a tablet of some kind (I only ask because I'm playing around with reading comics in different formats and was curious what you're using)?

  4. I only heard about because of the gutters piece, which was WAY funnier than the book!

    I read it on my computer, however we most likely will be buying an IPAD for Christmas. John Lundquist let me read some of his comics on his IPAD and I was pleasantly surprised with how user friendly it could be.

    Plus, I like the fact that the comics you purchase are stored on Comixology rather than on your computer so you can pretty much read them on any device you have handy.

    It's good to branch out, teebore! Comics are simply a medium such as Film, TV, or novels.

    Morning Glories is something both I and my wife LOVE at the moment!

  5. i haven't heard of this. And i'll probably never get around to reading it.

    Also- i feel a little out of the loop on your Projekt Love thing...
    maybe Sarah knows about it and just forgot to tell me about it.
    I'm gonna watch some of the videos next time i'm on my home pc

  6. I was pleasantly surprised with how user friendly it could be

    Good to hear. I haven't played with the iPad much, mainly because they don't support Flash and thus I couldn't read comics via my Marvel Digital Online subscription on it (and there's just not enough digital content I'd be willing to pay for on an issue-by-issue basis).

    But I'm really hoping Marvel either develops a non-Flash based player for their digital subscription service, or finds a way to allow subscribers to use the app without having to buy individual issues.

    I like the fact that the comics you purchase are stored on Comixology rather than on your computer so you can pretty much read them on any device you have handy.

    If you haven't, check out Dropbox sometime. It's a free online service that allows you to upload files and then access them from any device that has Dropbox installed (or can reach the Dropbox website).

    Amongst other things, I've occasionally used it to move comics from computer to computer while blogging.

  7. Teebore - Good to know my Marvel Digital Comics pimping paid off! How long have you had it?

    My subscription is up next month and I'm trying to decide if I should wait awhile before renewing since I have 350 Avengers comics left to read on DVD-ROM As well as the 500 Fantastic Four issues and If I ever get around to borrowing your Uncanny X-men. Oh! I'm also trudging my way through Amazing Spider-Man. I'm in the midst of Aunt May dying and all the clones running around . . . the pain.

    I'll have to check out DROPBOX. Thanks for the tip!

    Anne - PROJEKT LOVE is the follow up to A BOOK CALLED LIFE - Containing the Answers to the Meaning of Life. Having procreated and gotten married, I'm leaning a lot about the topic. Most likely it'll have it's own website once I get around to buying a nice HD Camcorder.

    All three of the Gentlemen of Leisure videos can be viewed from the website - David Bitzenhofer, Austin Gorton, and Adam James Pankratz

  8. How long have you had it?

    Just under a year (I signed up after Christmas last year). I'll probably let it drop off until/if I settle on some kind of tablet, but we'll see. It does come in handy for the blog, and I've read a handful of comics via it I wouldn't have read otherwise.

    I'll have to check out DROPBOX. Thanks for the tip!

    No prob! It should be especially helpful for the files on those DVD-ROMs you're plowing through.

  9. So I bought and read Our Love Is Real in order to see what all the fuss is about. I was not impressed with it at all really.

    I felt like much more could have been done to expand on what it just very lightly touches on. I think the idea of love and how it can be interpreted could be an interesting topic to be explored but unfortunately in this comic they more or less just use it to explore sex and getting off. And not even that well I might add.

    The whole thing with the veggiesexual riots didn't make any sense since it wasn't explained at all and thus just seemed like a reason to show some violence.

    The little twist with the jewel lover person seemed a little forced and just a means to get the police officer character to somewhat change his views on things.

    Also the ending and how it came about seemed a little ridiculous.

    I kind of agree with boots~ summary of it that : If you are able to have great sex with something, then that is LOVE. And like him I heartily disagree with that idea.

    I feel I need to recommend something that is socially relevant now. Hmmmm....instead go read The Goon. It might not be socially relevant but it's damn funny!

  10. Well said, Phantomas. And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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