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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Sentence Reviews

OK, let's face it. Half of what I write is crap. So I came up with the concept to filter out all that crap and give it to you stright: One Sentence Reviews. It will be a post where I go through different things in the media and review them in one sentence.
For the most part they will be things that either A) I suspect people really don't care about or B) are things I've just seen or read but have been around long enough that doing a full review would feel dated.
For example, let's say I just watched Tomb Raider 2 the movie the other week. Since it's like 4 years old giving it any formal review would seem silly. Instead, I'd give it a one sentence review that would probably look a little something like this: "If I was forced to choose between watching this movie again or firing a bullet through my brain then there would be one less blogger in the world."
(And yes, this intro will be longer than all the reviews combined)
Let's get started:

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Compilation of 5 Novels by Douglas Adams):
Absolutely hilarious in parts but the ending left a terrible taste in my mouth.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Video Game on Wii/Gamecube):
With great sound, graphics, gameplay, and a good storyline it's everything a Zelda game should be.

Howl's Moving Castle (Movie 2004):
Excellently done animated movie that lacks a certain element (action among other things) for me to rank it as high as Princess Mononoke.

52 (Novelization of a DC Graphic Novel/Comic Book by the same name):
If you want a book that you can enjoy in a comic book-y sort of way then I have 52 reasons why you'd like this book, otherwise I have 52 reasons why you wouldn't.

Cavemen (TV Series on ABC):
For a sitcom about cavemen this show is awfully mundane.

Pushing Daisies (TV Series on ABC):
I think this show proves that a television series can in fact be TOO quirky.

Lady in the Water (Movie 2006):
She should have stayed there.


Comment. Please. Love it? Hate it? Are mildly indifferent to it? Let us know!