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Monday, October 22, 2007

Gecko Poll

Alright, the old poll has ended and my punishment for setting the World Wide Web on fire is that I keep access to the Internet but parental filters will be installed on my computer. Why don't you just gouge my eyes out while you're at it. I won't be needing them anymore anyway. I'm putting all public libraries on official notice. I'm headed your way. You've been warned!!!
Anyway, I was checking my e-mail provider of choice and noticed an interesting advertisement at the top. It looked like this:If you can't read the words, it says "With all that extra cash, a bloke could afford to start a new hobby..." When I hover my mouse over this add the following happens (with a bit more motion):What the hell!?!?! Is that gecko doing what I think it's doing? I think I prefer the cavemen.
If you can figure out what this riddle of an ad wrapped inside of an enigma smothered in a Freudian slip is trying to say then my hat is off to you. Because I have no clue what the hell this ad is all about. So that is the premise of the new poll located to the left of your screen that you are welcome to vote on.


  1. i've been puzzling over this ad all day! what the hell is it supposed to mean? that thing on the right looks like a cumrag. wtf.

  2. Look closely. This is one of those things people normally dont pick up on, its actually IS someone jackin off inside of a sock.


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