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Friday, September 28, 2007

I Bid Adieu...

I say goodbye to two things this weekend: the 2007 baseball season and my bachelorhood. That's right, Teebore is taking the plunge this Saturday.

So you won't be seeing me around here for about two weeks, as I whoop it up with the new Mrs. Teebore and Mickey Mouse in Disneyworld. I leave the burden of entertaining the masses solely on the shoulders of Dr. Bitz for awhile.

I'd love to wax philosophical on the begining of this new chapter in my life, or at least leave you laughing with a good dick and fart joke, but frankly, I'm exhausted, and still need to use what little creative energy I have left to write my vows.

Be back in a bit, likely far more sunburned than I am now...

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