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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Few Thoughts on Yesterday's Emmys

I sort of half-assed watched the Emmys last night, caring enough to keep an eye towards the screen while doing other stuff but not enough to actually sit and pay full attention. I love me the Oscars and enjoy the Golden Globes but as far as awards ceremonies go, the Emmys rank just slightly above the Grammies (mainly because I don’t watch any of the shows that win, because I only recently had HBO on a regular basis). Anyways, here's a few observations:

  • Ryan Seacrest: How did he get picked to host? Everyone, even the Ogre That Calls Himself Brad Garrett was funnier than Seacrest. And he always seemed to be moving, ducking and weaving like he was dodging something only he could see. Or was on speed. Maybe the later led to the former. Seacrest out...
  • They did this “theatre in the round” approach to the stage. Works for dramatic plays with small casts in tiny spaces at artsy colleges, not so much for big time awards shows. I didn’t pay close enough attention to who was seated where to figure this out, but I wondered if they ranked the seating, so that the A-listers (the Sopranos cast, according to the Emmys) was seated directly in front of the presenters/winners, the B-listers to the sides and the D-listers stuck looking at the asses of the winners. Several of the presenters/winners thought the arrangement was odd too (or at least, I assume the numerous jokes cracked at its expense weren’t scripted). James Spader, accepting his award, spoke over his shoulder to his fellow cast members and said these were the worst concert seats he'd ever had.
  • The Sopranos: Look, I'm sure the Sopranos is an awesome show. Someday, I'd really like to see it. But I didn't have HBO until recently, and never had the $317 dollars they charge per season to get it on DVD. So I've never watched it, and couldn't care less. It's part of why I largely ignore the Emmys, because for the last ten years they've been one big tribute to the Sopranos. I look forward to next year, when some other show can be celebrated for a change.
  • When Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced that Ricky Gervais won Best Actor, and Gervais wasn't present to accept it, they decided instead to give the award to their friend Steve Carell. Carell bounded down the aisle, jubilantly leaping onto stage and jumping up down, embracing his friends. I'd love to see that kind of glee come from a real winner sometime, instead of the stoic, reserved joy and demure respect for their competitors we usually see.
  • The evening was filled with non-sequitors. Like when Kyra Sedgwick, Glenn Close and Mary-Louise Parker came out and commended the recent slew of shows featuring strong women. Very true and worth recognition. The trio then proceeded to present the award for best miniseries or something. With that intro, couldn't they have had them present a best actress award of some kind?
  • I missed it on the broadcast, but it turns out Terry O'Quinn won a Best Supporting Actor Emmy for his portrayal of Locke on Lost. First of all, that's awesome. Locke kicks all kinds of butt. Glad he got recognized for his work. Secondly, I think that's the only award a show I watch won. Either I watch lame TV, or the Emmys award lame TV and ignore the good shows I watch. Probably a little of both.
  • I've never seen Roots. After their little tribute, I kind of want to see it. Good thing it's coming out on DVD soon. Too bad said DVDs look to cost an arm and a leg...


  1. a few things.

    I know the ugly betty cast was in back (they showed who was siting where at the begining) which would probably be considered A-list.

    I kinda liked the round. well i only watched the first 5 min, but still. I thought it gave it more of a casual tone and made it less award show crap. But I also don't think they had everything worked out right which lead to most people hating the style.

    and fyi the Sopranos is on A&E also for those that don't have HBO. well i'm sure not he new episodes, but its is still on.

  2. Yeah, it's on A&E but it's horrifically edited, from what I hear. What's the point if there's no violence, sex or swearing?


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