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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

X-amining Deadpool #2 - Patreon First!

"Operation: Rescue Weasel! (or: Operation: That Whacky Doctor’s Game!)"
February 1997

In a Nutshell
Deadpool battles Taskmaster in defense of Weasel!

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciler: Ed McGuiness
Inkers: Nathan Massengill & Norman Lee
Letters: RS/Comicraft/DL
Colors: Chris Lichtner
Enhancement: Digital Chameleon
Editor: Matt Idelson
Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras 

Deadpool watches a sleeping Siryn through a window at the X-Mansion, then teleports away, lamenting that his feelings for her aren't reciprocated. Meanwhile, Weasel is kidnapped. The next morning, Blind Al teases Deadpool about his unrequited love for Siryn. When he seeks out a more comforting ear in Weasel, he discovers his friend is missing. Thanks to a special homing beacon, he tracks Weasel to a training academy run by the super-villain instructor Taskmaster. Deadpool is captured and reunited with Weasel, who isn't being held captive: Taskmaster has offered him a job, and he's considering taking it. Hurt, Deadpool agrees to fight Taskmaster as part of a class, and is soundly between, thanks to Taskmaster having copied Deadpool's fighting moves. Deadpool counters by using techniques he's never used before, giving him the edge over Taskmaster and humiliating him in front of his students, who leave the school. Taskmaster swears revenge on Deadpool, and Deadpool gets Weasel to agree to come back to work with him in exchange for the benefits Taskmaster promised him. 

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