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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series 3x16 - Patreon First

"Cold Comfort"

Original Airdate
February 4, 1995

Len Uhley

When Professor X is alerted to a break-in at a government facility committed by Iceman, a former member of the X-Men, he joins the team in the field to apprehend him. At the government facility, the X-Men manage to capture Iceman and bring him back to the mansion. He tells Beast about how after he and girlfriend Polaris left the team following Polaris' injury, they tried to live normal lives, but as things got worse for mutants, Polaris wanted to do more to help . One day, Iceman came home and found their apartment ransacked and Polaris gone; he's been looking for her ever since. Overhearing this, Jubilee decides to free Iceman and together they return to the facility where the X-Men caught Iceman. The two are knocked out by X-Factor, and after they awaken and are joined by the rest of the X-Men, a confrontation breaks out between the X-Men and X-Factor. After the X-Men gain the upper hand by switching up their opponents, Forge and Polaris put an end to the fight. Forge explains that X-Factor is a recently formed government backed mutant team, and he'd hoped a little scuffle with the X-Men would be good training. Polaris explains to Iceman that she was recruited by Forge to join the group, and has since fallen in love with its leader, Havok. Having found Polaris, Professor X offers Iceman a place with the X-Men once more, but he declines, much to Jubilee's dismay. 

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