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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series 3x14 - Patreon First

"The Fate of the Phoenix"

Original Airdate
November 26, 1994

Brooks Wachtel 

With the Imperial Guard poised to take Jean Grey into custody in response to Dark Phoenix's actions, Professor X hastily invokes a Shi'ar right to a duel for Jean's life: the X-Men and the Guard will battle for Jean's fate. Everyone is transported to Lilandra's ship, and after conferring with her galactic allies, Lilandra agrees. The next morning, both groups are teleported to the habitable Blue Area of the moon, and the duel commences. The X-Men hold their own but are largely overmatched. Soon, only Cyclops and Jean are left standing, and when Cyclops is hit, Jean unleashes the Phoenix Force, reverting to Dark Phoenix. Lilandra opens fire and Xavier telepathically revives the X-Men to attack Phoenix, while Jean is able to assert enough control to hold Phoenix back slightly. She then turns one of the Shi'ar ship's weapons on herself, obliterating herself. However, the Phoenix Force is unharmed and, free of its connection to Jean's human form, far more rationale. It offers to revive Jean in exchange for the life force of another, and each of the X-Men volunteer a bit of their "fire" to bring Jean back to life. The Phoenix leaves to once more roam the cosmos, while the X-Men return to Earth to begin grappling with their recent experiences. 

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