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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

X-aminations in September 2018

No Power Rankings this month (since the last two months' of reviews have been Retro X-aminations or limited series/one-off things), but we should be back on schedule as of 9/5, with minimal interruptions (barring unforeseen complications) at least through the end of the year.

And so we dive back in to regular goings, with more setup for Generation X, the conclusion of the Nimrod and Malice stories in X-Force & X-Factor, and the continuation of mild relevance for Excalibur, amongst others.

On Sale May 1994
September 5: Uncanny X-Men #314
September 6: X-Factor #104
September 7: Wolverine #83

September 12: X-Men (vol. 2) #34
September 13: X-Force #36
September 14: Excalibur #79

September 19: Cable #13

On Sale June 1994
September 26: Uncanny X-Men #315
September 27: X-Factor #105
September 28: Wolverine #84


  1. I won’t congratulate you ’til after I see the Marvel Universe Series V post, since I don’t know if you feel about jinxes. But I will mention that I dropped some comments the other day on backdated posts that have yet to be approved. Could be that Blogger is playing tricks with notifications again; while I was able to leave comments here using Safari at some point after my complaint a couple of months ago, now it’s back to not letting me sign in and thus forcing me to use Chrome.

    1. ... *sigh*
      ”if you feel” ~~> “if you care” and/or “how you feel”

  2. Heh, no worries, the Marvel Universe post is up. I had it done (written) last week, but left some of the image files on another computer and with the long weekend, etc., just got to too busy to recreate them so I waited to get the files I had initially made.

    AS for your comments, they should be published now. That was me, not Blogger - again, blame the long weekend for me reading your comments via email, but not actually logging in to my computer and publishing them.

    Incidentally, I've seen other folks on various social media platforms complaining about Safari and its interface with various sites, so it doesn't sound like you're alone there.

    1. Today I can post on Safari again. It’s really weird. Anyway, not that you took it otherwise, but I only mentioned the comments so soon after leaving them because the submission issue recurred for me and it triggered my recall that you’d had trouble with getting alerts from Blogger not long ago.


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