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Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Christmas?

Alright, so the it polls have closed. Apparently the general feeling is that the Gecko is a bit partial to fellatio. Who knew? A couple of people have asked what really is going on in that add. I have to be honest, I have no clue. All I know is that ad haunts my dreams.
Anyway, the Halloween season is over. My favorite part was going to the store with Mrs. Dr. Bitz and looking at Halloween costumes. You could notice that at the aisle just beyond the Halloween costumes was the Christmas paraphernalia. The lights and ornaments were there just to remind us that we can have fun with that rinky dink holiday called "Halloween", but the true holiday, the ONLY holiday, Christmas, is right around the corner. (Thanksgiving who?)
I'm serious, if it was up to the department stores, the Christmas "season" would be 365 days a year. 366 days on a leap year. They'd completely fail to realize that despite declaring it the Holiday Season on June 15th, people would still buy the same amount of presents and would still wait till the 25th to actually celebrate.
But I suppose I should be more angry at the general public. The stores wouldn't do this if people weren't so gullible as to decide to buy Christmas stuff 8 months in advanced.
Regardless of the whys and hows, it just grinds my gears. The reason the Holiday Season is so great is because it only lasts a limited time during the year. Lengthening the season simply makes it lose its luster. Kind of like football. So that's the premise of the new poll.

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  1. Look, you design some Thanksgiving decorations and find a way to integrate some kind of "giving gifts of consumer products" tradition to the holiday, and I'm sure the stores would be more than happy to recognize Thanksgiving's existence.

    Until then, only the grocery stores care...


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