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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving's Looming

Well, Halloween is over. According to the last poll, most of you don't miss Thanksgiving either. Instead, most of you are just anxious to shoot your eye out. In case you were interested in what I was for Halloween, here it is:
I was Senator Larry Craig!

Anyway, whether the retail industry likes it or not, Thanksgiving is closing in and will occur before Christmas. As a kid I was never excited about Thanksgiving Day (aside from enjoying the days off from school). As far as I was concerned Thanksgiving was that lame holiday between when I got candy and when I got toys where I had to dress up for dinner and eat something that wasn't pizza. But I hear for some people Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday....losers.
Since I'm a vegetarian now I'm not very excited about the food these days either. But visiting with my family can be fun...sort of......sometimes.
Well, that's the subject of the poll located the left of this post. Vote on it or forever be known as the person who didn't vote on the Thanksgiving Day poll!

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  1. I believe credit is due on that there photo? ;)


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