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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

X-aminations in April 2018

Wedding bells are ringing in the January '94 issues, as Scott & Jean finally tie the knot in X-Men #30 (well, "finally" in terms of their thirty year courtship; it's more like "already" in terms of their engagement apparently happening yesterday in comic book time...). But it's not all bachelor parties and wedded bliss, as both X-Factor & Excalibur deal with significant losses in big, double-sized, divisible-by-25 issues, X-Force gets drawn into the Upstarts plotline and a crossover with the similarly-themed, Nicieza-written New Warriors, and Nightcrawler learns the truth about his heritage.

On Sale January 1994
April 4: X-Men: The Wedding Album

April 11: Uncanny X-Men #310
April 12: X-Factor #100
April 13: Wolverine #79

April 18: X-Men (vol. 2) #30
April 19: X-Force #32
April 20: Excalibur #75

April 25: X-Men Unlimited #4
April 26: New Warriors #45
April 27: Cable #9


  1. Looking forward to the X-Men Unlimited #4 review, since each one provides new insight on why it just doesn't work. One of the best was an old USEnet review that characterized the writer as standing in front of a fan dressed like a WWII pilot and proudly declaring "plot be damned", which is the best image of bad writing thought processes I've encountered (sadly, it's probably lost to time now).

    1. You mean this one?

    2. My god that was a glorious take down, and a reminder of why Unlimited #4 was the last issue of Unlimited I bought.

  2. I haven't seen a comic update to the blog since this one, Mitch Studios excluded. Has there been anything new or have my browsers stopped showing updates the site?

    1. Nah, your browser is fine; the only thing that is broken is your intrepid reviewer. :P

      I was on a family vacation, and while I gave myself a lighter review schedule for those weeks, I ended up with less time to write than I thought. And then my day job was crazy pretty much from the moment I got back, so I've fallen even more behind than usual.

      None of which really matters to you guys. At any rate, CABLE #8 went up earlier this week (but was backdated, so it appears before this post, which may be why your browser missed it). Unstacking the Deck should be up today, and the Wedding Album hopefully this weekend. Monday, I'll have a review of something a little different, and then I'll endeavor to get caught back up as quickly as I can...

    2. Glad to hear your break is for a good reason. You've always been really punctual, so a break now & them is earned.

    3. Thanks for the responce. No worries. I would often see posts show up when I scrolled down that I hadn't seen before and thought my computer wasn't refeshing the page because of cookies or something so it's good to know they are being backdated and that's why they are further down.

    4. I think you still qualify for the New Dad pass in terms of cumulative sleep deprivation and generally having less time for everything. As far as backdating goes, I’m hardly one to throw stones. You might want to do like Bully, though, and put up new posts with a current timestamp for a day or few before placing them in their preferred calendar position so that feeds catch them and/or just so visiting eyes register their appearance.


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