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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Pimpin'

My good buddy Palindrome is hosting a contest in honor of her birth, over on her blog Musings of a Palindrome. And because pimping this blog is a key element of that contest, it's only fair that I return the favor. One good pimpin' deserves another, after all.

So check it out, for a chance to win some cool books, but more importantly, for the undoubtedly cool and interesting posts she has planned for the duration of the contest featuring notable pop culture moments in her life.

And to all our new followers, driven here under the contestorial whip of Palindrome, welcome! Hopefully, you'll find something you like here.


  1. Dammit! You beat me to the pimpin!

  2. Whuppah!!

    That's the sound of my Hwhip!

    Thanks for the pimpin'!

  3. I am trying to figure out why I don't find myself over here more often. Bad Rebecca! Sheesh. Too many cool blogs to follow it makes me sad when I let one slip through the cracks.

    Anyhoo! yeah for Palindrome's contest!

  4. @SonshineMusic: No worries; we're happy whenever you find the time to stop by. :)


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