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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost Runs in the Family

My brother, the witty and sardonic Soapfish, has started his own Lost blog, The Beard Station.

Being that he is an accomplished artist with all kinds of fancy illustration degrees, his site is as visually sharp as his writing. He even crafted a nifty pic of yours truly.

Check it out!


  1. i love that he drew you in your usual "pondering" pose

  2. Ha! What a crafty little tribe you've sprung from, Teebore. Say, word on the street is that you wrote a book - what was it about?
    I hope Soapfish draws Sayid!

  3. @Falen: yeah, it's a good likeness. If only my hair and beard were truly that dark, though...

    @Joan: We are a crafty bunch!

    I have indeed written a book; a few actually (well, two, but one of them is split into three parts and is massive enough that I've recently decided to split the three parts into individual books-now I can say I've written FOUR books).

    The big one that's turned into three I've been writing for damn near forever. It's about a group of friends who are soldiers in a resistance against the dictator who rules America. They discover they have super powers and use them to aid the resistance (that's book one, at least. It's gets more complicated, trippy and time travel-y from there).

    The other book I wrote last November as part of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo to the cool kids). It's about a college dropout who was once a football star before getting hurt. He gets a job working for a small time criminal and gets the same rush from pulling off heists that he did from winning football games and is offered an opportunity to become a henchman for the big super villain in town. So he has to decide if the thrill of victory is worth the risk of throwing in with the big bad and getting caught in the crossfire of his battle with the resident super hero.

  4. now i wants to read that...

    Oh wait! I have the first draft! HA!


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