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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

90s-iest Cover Ever

Over at the ISB Chris Sims put out a request to find the most 90s cover ever. Here's my suggestion:

The following 90s cliches can be observed on this cover:
  1. Exceptionally large shoulder pads
  2. Leather jackets obscuring traditional costumes to make them “cool.”
  3. Seemingly-metallic clothing (boots, body suits)
  4. A large, quasi-futuristic looking gun
  5. Someone with a missing/cybernetic eye
  6. Jaws clenched with rage and/or outrage
  7. A mullet
  8. A newly created, ill-tempered “edgy” character named by splicing two unrelated nouns together: Deathcry
Also, I'd like to point out this is an Avengers cover. I mean sure, when a WildC.A.Ts or Spawn cover is filled with 90s cliches, it's kind of expected. But this is the Avengers, arguably one of Marvel's oldest and most traditional super hero teams, decked out in full 90s regalia (to see what the 90s did to the Fantastic Four, inarguably one of Marvel's oldest and most traditional books, go here).


  1. I also like the title scrolling down the side..."COUNTDOWN." Unlike earlier comics that would user full sentences to lie to you about what was inside the comics, in the 90's you just needed one eye-catchingly, vague word.
    This issue is important, because we're counting what? Well, you'll need to read to find out. But rest assured that the count down is to something significant that will change the face of Marvel forever!

  2. Well said. The 90s was the point in Comic Cover Lingo history where everything was too cool for full sentences ("we're too busy being edgy for full sentences; enjoy this one edgy word instead!") and before everything was too artsy for any words at all, like nowadays.

    Also, as we discussed, I wanted to point out Black Knight having traded in his traditional magical sword for the much more hip and 90s lightsaber, but couldn't come up with a good way to briefly point it out.


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