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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series 3x04 - Patreon First!

"The Phoenix Saga Part II: The Dark Shroud"

Original Airdate
September 6, 1994

Writer: Mark Edward Edens 

Jean manages to pilot the space shuttle back to Earth, crashing it into the East River. As the X-Men search desperately in the water for Jean, she suddenly emerges, declares herself to be Phoenix, then falls back into the water, unconscious. Later, Jean awakens in the hospital with no memory of the crash. After Beast interrupts an argument between Cyclops and Professor X over who is responsible for Jean's condition, Xavier attempts to return to the mansion, but is hit once again by the strange psychic energy plaguing him, which knocks him out and causes a sinister looking astral projection of himself to emerge. This "Dark Xavier" proceeds to taunt Wolverine with mental illusions, nearly killing him, before doing the same to Gambit and Jubilee, triggering a fight which draws the attention of the police, requiring Storm to intervene to allow the X-Men to escape. Dark Xavier proceeds to the hospital and attacks Scott and Jean, but Jean is able to sense him. Firing a bolt of psychic energy, she destroys Dark Xavier. The real Xavier awakens, and realizes the psychic probe knocked down his mental defenses, allowing his repressed dark side to emerge. While being unknowingly watched by Erik the Red, Xavier decides to visit Muir Island for additional treatment. There, he meets Moira MacTaggert's fiancĂ©, Sean Cassidy. Shortly thereafter, the psychic probe returns, followed by the arrival of an alien woman named Lilandra, who has crossed space for Xavier's help in stopping her mad brother from destroying both of their galaxies. Just then, Juggernaut bursts into the room, announcing he's been hired to kill Lilandra! 

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