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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series 3x03 - Patreon First!

"The Phoenix Saga Part 1: Sacrifice"

Original Airdate
September 5th, 1994

Michael Edens 

After recurring dreams of a starship battles being waged in space, Professor X summons the X-Men and orders them, on the strength of his intuition alone, to board a space shuttle bound for the Starcore One space station. With Jean's help, they telepathically pose as the crew of astronaut scientist Dr. Peter Corbeau, and board the shuttle. When they arrive at StarCore, the X-Men discover the space station has been captured by the alien Erik the Red, who knocks them out with gas. On orders from his emperor, D'Ken, he attempts to throw the X-Men out an airlock, but Jean saves them. As they fight back, Erik reveals that the station is monitoring a wormhole through which the rebel Lilandra is set to emerge. When she does, D'Ken fires on her ship using the station's weapons, but the X-Men manage to damage it enough to save Lilandra, though at the cost of the station's integrity. As they flee the exploding station in the shuttle, it becomes clear the shuttle will have to travel through the contrail of Lilandra's damaged ship; the resultant radiation will kill anyone not sealed in the shuttle's solar probe. With the auto-pilot damaged, Jean acts swiftly, telepathically learning how to fly the shuttle from Corbeau then directing the X-Men into the probe, knocking out Cyclops when he objects. With her teammates safe, Jean takes the shuttle through the radiation, crying out in pain as the image of a fiery bird appears before her. 

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