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Monday, February 22, 2021

X-aminations in March 2021 & March 1996 Power Rankings

It's all Onslaught, all the time, as the crossover expands to include Avengers, Fantastic Four and Hulk, while Excalibur reaches its 100th issue and X-Factor its 125th!

On Sale June 1996
March 3: Uncanny X-Men #335
March 4: Avengers #401
March 5: Fantastic Four #415

March 10: Cable #34 
March 11: Incredible Hulk #444
March 12: Excalibur #100

March 17: Generation X #18
March 18: Wolverine #104
March 19: X-Factor #125

March 24: X-Man #18
March 25: X-Force #57
March 26: X-Men (vol. 2) #55

Power Rankings On Sale March 1996
This another terrible month to rank, as nearly ever book is just killing time before "Onslaught" or dealing with a guest penciler or just otherwise treading water. Nearly everything is in the "meh" grouping, and the differences between every issue are minute, at best. 

1. Uncanny X-Men #332: Joe Mad's pencils keep Uncanny on top as it engages in a brief crossover w/Wolverine. 

2. X-Men (vol. 2) #52: Similarly, Andy Kubert's return helps elevate the conclusion of the "mutant train" two-parter. 
3. X-Force #54: Points for doing something a little different, perspective-wise, telling the story via the various interrogations. 
4. Generation X #15: Synch is evil for awhile. It's fine. 
5. Excalibur #97: Lots of setup for the Black Air/Hellfire Club story. It's fine. 
6. Cable #31: The crossover w/X-Man concludes. It's fine. 
7. X-Man #15: Nate fights Holocaust. It's fine

8. Wolverine #101: Instead of getting to deal with the aftermath of Wolverine' devolution, Larry Hama has to do a crossover where the X-Men fight Ozymandias.
9. X-Factor #122: Jeff Matsuda & Sabretooth come aboard. It's all downhill from here. 


  1. "9. X-Factor #122: Jeff Matsuda & Sabretooth come aboard. It's all downhill from here"


    1. LOL It is perhaps a bit unfair to both; I don't love Matsuda's work but he's not the series' biggest problem, nor is having Sabretooth hanging around the big reason it sucks. It's mostly just the lackluster Mackie writing that Matsuda can't elevate enough that sinks the title.


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