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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series Season 2 Episode 11 - Patreon First


Original Airdate
February 5, 1994

Producer: Larry Houston
Story: Steven Melching
Storyboard Artist: Larry Houston
Story Editor Developer: Eric Lewald
Writer: Brooks Wachtel  

After Mojo - ruler of the extradimensional Mojoworld - complains that the ratings of his star actor's show are going down, Longshot storms out. Desperate for new content to goose the ratings again, Mojo's major domo suggests using the X-Men in Longshot's place. On Earth, Cyclops & Jean Grey are shopping for a new TV when Mojo suddenly appears on all the screens in the store. He announces they've been cast in his show, and Mojo's technician Spiral teleports herself into the store, capturing Cyclops, Jean and the rest of the X-Men, sending them to Mojoworld. There, they are paired off and forced to star in a series of television shows, much to the dismay of a watching Longshot, who is frustrated with having been replaced. When Jean manages to briefly shut down some of Mojo's cameras, infuriating the audience, Longshot makes his move, infiltrating the broadcasting station where Spiral is controlling the operation, and shuts it down. Without his audience, Mojo is defeated, and the X-Men return to Earth, leaving Mojo to watch a new program, one set in the Savage Land, as Professor X & Magneto fail to save Shanna from the pterodactyl man Sauron, who captures her and brings her to Magneto's old citadel, now the home of the Savage Land's new master. 

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