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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series Season 2 Episode 10 - Patreon First

"Beauty and the Beast"

Original Airdate
January 15, 1994

Producer: Larry Houston
Story: Steven Melching
Storyboard Artist: Larry Houston
Story Editor Developer: Eric Lewald
Writer: Stephanie Mathison

At a hospital for the blind, Beast confers with a colleague regarding an upcoming procedure they've developed to hopefully the restore the sight of a young woman named Carly, to whom Beast has grown close. Just then, the Friends of Humanity attack the hospital due to Beast's presence, and he's forced to rescue Carly from the burning building. Watching news of the attack, Wolverine decides to do something about the Friends of Humanity & poses as a victim of mutant violence to infiltrate the group. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Magneto & Xavier are captured by Amphibious, but manage to escape when two large sea serpents attack their boat. Back in New York, Beast learns Carly's father doesn't want him present for the operation because he's a mutant, but after Jean calms him down, Beast returns in time for Carly to see him for the first time following the successful operation. But after Carly's father chases Beast out of the room, the Friends of Humanity kidnap her. At the Friends' headquarters, Wolverine meets with Graydon Creed, whom he recognizes; when Creed leaves to interrogate Carly, Wolverine contacts the X-Men, telling them where he is and asking them to bring a holoprojector. As Beast attacks the headquarters in a rage, Wolverine helps free Carly and when the X-Men arrive, Jubilee activates the projector, showing images of Sabretooth, Creed's father. Hysterical, Creed confirms that Sabretooth is his father in front of his followers as the X-Men leave with Carly. Later, Beast tells Carly they can't be together due to the danger it would put her in because of the world's anti-mutant prejudice, but her father does thank him for saving his daughter, which Beast considers a promising start towards making things better.  

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