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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

X-amining Ms. Marvel #12 - Patreon First

"The Warrior and the Witch-Queen!"
December 1977

In a Nutshell
Ms. Marvel battles Hecate & the Elementals

Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Sal Buscema
Inker: Joe Sinnott
Letters:  Annette Kawecki 
Colors: George Roussous
Editor-in-Chief: Archie Goodwin

Ms. Marvel battles Hecate, who conjures images from Ms. Marvel's mind to attack her, until she learns that Hecate is not leading the Elementals, but rather, trying to stop them from acquiring the Ruby Scarab. She and Hecate face them down together, during which Hecate summons a mass of energy that begins to affect the space flight of Salia Petrie, as Ms. Marvel previously foresaw. Their fight spills out into the nearby Cape Canaveral facility, and though Carol Danvers desperately wants to help Salia, Ms. Marvel stays in control in order to prevent the Elementals from ending more lives. Ultimately, Hecate defeats the Elementals by transforming into their one true fear, the Living Mummy, but the resultant energy feedback following their defeat further imperils Salia, triggering the Cavorite crystal she's carrying to create a gateway into warp space. Finally gaining control, Carol Danver emerges with the Ruby Scarab in hand, furiously blaming Hecate for the death of her friend.

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