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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Force in Focus: A Very Special Episode's Star Wars Extravaganza!

I swear I'll be back to reviewing old Star Wars comics very soon, but in the meantime, if you're the podcast-listening sort, this week sees the release of a very special Very Special Episode, the podcast which Dr. Bitz and I cohost (along with a pair of cartoonists & comedians from Portland), dedicated to Star Wars.

The idea behind it is a sort of "defense" of Star Wars. Anyone who's been reading these posts knows I'm a big Star Wars fan, and I generally like more than I dislike. My cohosts, whose Star Wars fandom ranges from the jaded to the casual to not-too-far-from-mine, decided to put forth a bunch of stuff they don't like about the various films, and then have me defend those decisions and explain why their nitpicks and dislikes aren't so bad (or, in some cases, confirm they are).

Ultimately though, it's just a big three hour episode celebrating Star Wars. I was fully prepared to bring my best pedantic nerd explanations for things, but in the end, I barely needed them, and nearly everyone spent about as much time talking about the stuff they love from the various films as the stuff that bugs them (needless to say, my faith in the franchise remains unshaken).

Amongst the topics of discussion were the unnecessarily-charred corpses of Luke's aunt & uncle, Han Solo's spiritual beliefs, and the stupid noise that lizard-thing Obi-Wan rides in Revenge of the Sith makes.

You can listen to and download the episode here, and it's also available via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and PodBean.

PS this episode is a bit more SFW than some of our fare, but I still wouldn't recommend blasting it loudly from your desk. And in general, we work a little blue, so probably hold off on listening around the kids as well.

PPS if you haven't already, you can also listen to our episode discussing the infamous Star Wars Holiday special here.


  1. It sounds like a fun way to pre-game for The Last Jedi. The description makes me think of two other Star Wars projects.

    The first is Star Wars on Trial, a book where David Brin and Matthew Stover are on opposite sides debating some Star Wars complaints. I found it on special as an e-book for $0.99, so it might be available for a bargain price sometimes.

    The other is a podcast from ForceCenter called Star Wars Counseling. It is about 30 minutes long each time, and the host, Joseph Scrimshaw, looks at 1-2 grievances and tries to make people feel better about them from a variety of angles.

    Of course, I also recommend the podcast Blast Points as the best all-around Star Wars podcast, full of positivity and humor about the entire saga.

  2. I gave it a shot, but even this one was a bit too blue for my tastes. Thanks for defending the saga, Austin!


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