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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Review: Superbad isn't. Unless of course we're using it in slang where "bad means good". But I once used that logic for "no means yes" and got a restraining order slapped against me. So I generally stay away using words as their opposites.
Moving on. This movie is superficially like your typical raunchy High School/College adventure movie. The plot is simple. Three high school nerds/outcasts want to get laid. They each lust after a different woman of their dreams that go to their high school. Their plan is to be the heroes of a party by bringing the liquor. They will then get the women drunk and have sex with them. Most of the movie is simply following the boys as they have their own mishaps and encounter different obstacles to what should be the simple task of getting booze and arriving at a party.
One thing that separates this from most teenage sex romp movies is that this one is very well done. The script written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who also hilariously plays Officer Michaels) is filled with jokes that, while they can be raunchy and even downright disgusting, are still genuinely funny and unpredictable. Just when I thought I could predict a joke a different punchline would sneak up from behind.
The movie is pulled together by the superb acting. Jonah Hill plays Seth. A self-conscious loudmouth who's secretly scared life may be moving on without him. Although at times he can be abrasive, in the end you can't help but laugh with and root for him. Michael Cera plays the shy and naive Evan. If you've ever seen Arrested Development then you know exactly how well he can pull this character off. But Christopher Mintz-Plasse steals the show as Fogell. The geekiest of the trio also has the funniest scenes. You can't help but love Fogell as he switches from nervous geek to badass ladies man and back again. At first you think he believes himself to be cooler than he is, but then you feel he IS that cool and that you just didn't realize it. As far as I'm concerned, the sequel to this movie should be called "McLovin".
May I also add that I think the casting of the three women who are the object of the protagonists' affection was great. They are all three beautiful and sexy. (They're over 18 so I can say that.) However, they aren't unattainable, Hollywood beautiful. They remind me of the type of girls I crushed on in high school. And that's refreshing. May I also note that unlike most movies of this genre, there is no 'bitch'. All three of the females come across as quite likable.
I recommend this movie. If you can't tell that from what I've written above then I need to work on my communication skills. It breaks down to this. The movie is raunchy, offensive, and is full of jokes involving all sorts of bodily fluids. If you think you can handle that then you'll like this movie. You'll need to see it twice though, because you'll laugh so hard the first time you'll miss half the lines.

The Good: Great script with great acting and expert timing. If you enjoyed movies like Animal House, Porky's, Meatballs, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Shawshank Redemption, Revenge of the Nerds, American Pie, 40-Year-Old Virgin, or Knocked Up then you'll love this movie.

The Bad: There's no nudity. Maybe a quick glimpse of a boob while the boys are watching porn, but that doesn't count. No nudity always knocks a movie down a notch. That's why Disney's Beauty and the Beast only got 4 and a half stars from me. Actually, this movie does contain many artist renderings of penises. Too many artist renderings of penises in fact. It really disturbed me. Just kidding. The penises were hilarious. I just didn't want my latent homosexual tendencies to come out so early in this blog.
Also a word of warning. If you see this movie with me and Evan sings "These Eyes" I will live lean over and say, "Guess Who sang this song?" It's a reflex. I apologize.

The Disappointing: The movie's called Superbad. Words cannot express my disappointment that no appearance was made by the baddest man of all, Luke Cage.

A movie named Superbad that doesn't have me in it? SWEET CHRISTMAS!!!

Drink to accompany this movie:

Beer Bong

Like a beer bong, this movie can be tough and abrasive. But if you just relax and open your throat it can be a hell of a good time. I figure if before watching Superbad you take a few hits from a beer bong the movie will be at the peak of excellence. Just be careful watching the movie with a belly full of frothy goodness. You might laugh so hard you'll have your own raunchy High School/College joke all over your new shirt!

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