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Friday, August 10, 2007

Greetings and Salutations

Welcome, non-existent readers, to Gentlemen of Leisure! Even though there isn’t anyone reading us yet, I wanted my first post to be something of an introduction; by putting some of my goals and expectations for this blog in writing, I will thus make it that much harder for me to weasel out of them. And who knows? Years from now when this blog is the toast of the blogosphere, some of our legions of faithful readers may pull this post out of the archives and see just how limited my expectations were, here at the beginning, and see just how much I failed at meeting them.

My intended goal is to post something new twice a week. Sometimes it may be a long, well thought out post, sometimes a quick, vitriolic rant, and sometimes nothing more than a random thought or two. I cannot speak for my esteemed colleague, Dr. Bitz, but my expectation is for you to find at least two new items a week from me. (Which days of the week, specifically, will new posts appear? Geez, I’m new to this blogging thing, people. Cut me some slack and don’t expect a regular posting schedule. I’ll get to it when I get to it.)

And what kind of things can you expect from me? Well, I can say that comic books (specifically Marvel and DC super hero comic books), movies (both new and on DVD), and the maddeningly inconsistent offense of the Minnesota Twins will spark most of my posts, at least initially. But I am a geek about many, many things and I am sure of lot of them will appear in one form or another. I am also a compulsive list maker, so you can expect many “list” posts from me: top five, ten or whatever. Bear in mind I will rarely use the number system to rank my choices; usually I will be basing my lists on things I personally enjoy, rather than trying to create a ranking of overall merit. For example, my ten favorite movies are the ten movies I enjoy the most, not the ten movies I think are the best made. I may do that type of thing sometime, but not often.

Specifically, I have some posts planned that discuss specific issues pertaining to modern super hero comics (I despise “writing for the trade” but not for the reasons you may think), a look at some of my favorite Simpsons characters, and a rundown of the five things I love in each of the Star Wars films. I also have an idea for a semi-regular feature called “To Better Know a President” where I will share bizarre, uncanny, and potentially humorous factoids about the people who called the White House home. Beyond that, what does the future hold? Only Zoidberg Jesus knows, and he ain’t telling. But he is coming along for the ride.

Won’t you?

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