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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series 3x10 - Patreon First!


Original Airdate
September 24, 1994

Adam Gilad 

Using his immense wealth, Archangel has funded an extensive archaeological investigation into Apocalypse, desperate to find a weakness in order to kill him. One researcher shows Archangel evidence of a weak spot behind Apocalypse's neck. Just then, Archangel learns that Apocalypse is attacking the Statute of Liberty. The X-Men, who are using Shi'ar technology to monitor a hidden spaceship, are alerted to the attack, and join Archangel. But when Apocalypse escapes, the group reconvenes at the mansion. Archangel is determined to go after Apocalypse and flies off; Rogue and Gambit follow him, while the rest of the X-Men proceed to the spaceship. Inside, Beast discovers the ship is controlled by a sentient intelligence dubbed "Ship", and works with Ship to come up with a way to capture Apocalypse. However, the X-Men are instead captured by a trap set by Apocalypse, who controls Ship. When Archangel, Gambit and Rogue catch up to Apocalypse, he taunts them before flying off to the ship. When he arrives, however, he discovers the X-Men have escaped his trap. They, in turn, capture him inside a force field. However, this isn't good enough for Archangel who, upon arrival, frees Apocalypse in order to kill him. Apocalypse reveals his apparent "weakness" was just a ruse to draw out Archangel, and during their ensuing fight, Ship is damaged. On the verge of destruction, Ship blasts Apocalypse into space as Archangel and the X-Men fly away. Beast says that while Apocalypse will be back, they're out of danger for now. Archangel is still mad though, and flies off, while Beast bids a tearful goodbye to Ship as it crashes into the ocean. 

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