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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

X-amining Marvel Two-in-One #51 & Marvel Fanfare #24 - Patreon First!

"Full House -- Dragons High!" / "Elegy
May 1979 / January 1986

In a Nutshell
Ms. Marvel joins a poker game and helps defend the SHIELD helicarrier, then returns to the game as Binary and gets caught up on some sad events. 

Writer: Peter Gillis / Chris Claremont
Penciler: Frank Miller / David Ross 
Inker: Bob McLeod / Bob Wiacek
Letters: Tom Orzechowski / Rick Parker
Colors: Glynis Wein / Bob Sharen
Editor: Roger Stern / Al Milgrom

Marvel Two-in-One #51: The Thing is hosting the first floating superhero poker game at Avengers Mansion, with Avengers Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man and Beast in attendance along with Nick Fury, D.A. Towers, and Jarvis. The game is cut short when Fury receives word that the SHIELD helicarrier is being attacked by agents of the Yellow Claw, led by General Pollock, who want to retrieve some of Yellow Claw's weaponry confiscated by SHIELD. The poker players leap into action and eventually take Pollock into custody, however, when they return to Avengers mansion, all but Wonder Man are too tired to continue their game.  

Marvel Fanfare #24: Carol Danvers, shortly after her transformation into Binary, brings Wolverine to Avengers Mansion for one of the Thing's floating poker games. After the new Captain Marvel arrives, Carol asks after her old friend Mar-Vell, only to learn he died of cancer. Shocked, she transforms into Binary and flies off. She visits Mar-Vell's grave, but finds herself unable to feel grief about his death as a result of her encounter with Rogue. Returning to Earth, she talks to Wolverine, telling her she's decided to leave her old life behind completely and leave Earth once and for all with the Starjammers. They say their goodbyes, then Carol flies off once more, to her new life amongst the stars. 

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