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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

X-amining Ms. Marvel #9 - Patreon First

"Call Me Death-Bird!"
September 1977

In a Nutshell
Deathbird makes her first appearance! 

Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Keith Pollard
Inkers: Joe Sinnott, Sam Grainger 
Letters: Gaspar Saladino, John Costanza 
Colors: Janice Cohen
Editor-in-Chief: Archie Goodwin

After a premonition from her seventh sense showing someone breaking into her apartment interrupts her date, Carol transforms into Ms. Marvel and flies towards her home. On the way, she is attacked by Deathbird, who is trying to kill her to fulfill a debt to MODOK. Spotting her apartment on fire and children in danger, Ms. Marvel fakes her death to ward off Deathbird, then rescues the children and helps put out the fire. Carol's apartment, however, is destroyed, save for some documents in a firebox which were the target of Ballard, who started the fire. The next morning, Carol works with the staff of Woman magazine to get out the next issue, and J. Jonah Jameson introduces his latest hire, Tabitha Townshend, to serve as Carol's assistant. Later, Carol heads off on her own, returning to the department store where she escaped from AIM, hoping to find their base. As she snoops around, she is spotted by AIM security, who recognizes and captures her before she can transform into Ms. Marvel. She is taken below into the base, just as MODOK & Deathbird, leading their faction of AIM, attacks. 

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