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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boots' Best - Fear(s) of the Dark

Horror is, of course, quite subjective. Some people are scared of roller coasters or mimes or being poor or dying unloved. This film examines the minds of some international artists and answers the question - What scares you?

Drawn in brilliant black and white, Fear(s) of the Dark, or Peur(s) du Noir (2007), is an animated horror anthology that should leave an indelible mark on your skin.

We Americans tend to inhibit our imaginations and use politically correct communications when getting a point across. Thank the Creator for foreigners with their drugs and whacked out styles. There were a few times during my viewing of the film I had to turn away and let loose the shivers.

In a world of Disney and Pixar, I had never seen animation like that displayed by the six talented artists working on this film. I'm very eager to research who they are and what else they have released.

If you rent the DVD through NETFLIX, make sure to watch the trailers beforehand. There's a movie out there about some "evil" children who do some nastiness to a kitty that left me rolling (hint - the Romans did this to people!). I believe it was called HOME MOVIE. Anyone seen it?


  1. Oooh! I shouldn't watch this but I will! I can't even play scary video games. I rented Resident Evil 4 and ended up running around, flicking on all the lights and putting the radio on. I am freaked out by EVPs too. Shit's evil and I want nothing to do with it!

  2. That sounds trippy and crazy fun.

    I fear being ill-prepared for most apocalypse scenarios and having no marketable skills for a post-apocalypse world.

  3. Writers will be lambasted in the post-apocalyptic world along with most office stooges.

  4. Exactly! We have nothing to offer either the hardy survivors nor the zombie hordes.

  5. I'm sooo putting this on my list right now!!! I love having the crap scared right out of me!

  6. And for a "cartoon" to be able to induce these emotions is doubly impressive!

  7. I agree with Joan- EVPs are scary shit


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